Harvest Festival Tomorrow!

Dear EVCS Family,

Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival! If you haven’t already brought in cans of food, it’s not too late. You can bring them tomorrow morning directly to the auditorium.

Apropos, our fifth grade students have been learning a song in Spanish with the help of parent Anna Cordero. It’s a beautiful song by Danny Rivera with a message that resonates deeply as we prepare for our Harvest Festival. The words in Spanish are:

Tu gente es mi gente, tu hambre es mi hambre _
Tu rabia es mi rabia, que no importa nadie _
Y mis ilusiones por querer ser alguien _
Y a estar separados, aquí entre dos calles._

It can be translated as:

Your people are my people, your hunger is my hunger _
Your anger is my rage, that nobody matters _
And my dreams of being someone _
And to be separated, here between two streets._

I’m so proud that we are teaching our students that we won’t let the streets we happen to be on, or anything else separate us in our community! The fifth graders will be sharing this song at a School-Wide Morning Meeting soon.

We’ll get started right at 8:50 with a little singing, and then we’ll march down to the Trinity Church soup kitchen and pantry by 9:15. I sure hope you can join us.