A Fabulous Fall Ball 2016, Thanks to your generosity

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Dear EVCS Families

We hope everyone had a blast at the Fall Ball!
We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day (my first fall ball was during a blizzard, literally) and it was great to see so many families come out to support the school and have fun in the process.

It was truly a group effort and each team nailed it.
From the fabulous food and desserts to the craft activities and games, to the very scary haunted house, an outrageous obstacle course, to the photo booth and bouncy pumpkin, a great time was had by all.


A shout out to everyone who brought delicious food and supplies and to those who manned the station.

Sharon and Hagit did a wonderful job rallying the classes and parents to make and deliver, delicious healthy food. Thank you to all of our amazing chefs out there. You fed us well and now the cats “outta the bag” for the Multicultural Share Pot Luck!

We would like to thank Ebony and her entire family for manning the dessert and drinks table for the duration of the event. A dedicated team.

Thank you to those parents who signed up to help out that may not be called out here, we love all volunteers and we hope that it was fun to jump in and get involved.

EVCS Students for all of the beautiful art in the cafeteria art gallery!
Maggie, thank you for your support. The pumpkin paintings and black line pumpkins were stunning. The art transformed the dining area and looked fantastic. We hope you will consider doing this again. Camille, Thank you for getting the After School students involved with art as well!

Thanks Larry, and coolforschool Photography for setting up and running the Fall Ball photo boo-th!

Erik, Thank you for directing the howling haunted house, for sharing all of your spooky props from concept to creation and the fastest break down ever! Thanks to the creative support team: Tristan, Noel, Mike, Bill, Michael, Bob, Choresh, Engelbert, Oren, Jason A., Orland, Buzz, Asa, Pippa, Marla, Pete and those we may have failed to mention, thank you too. What a job pulling all of those supplies out of the basement and reinventing the space into Spookeville. Thank you 5th-grade actors, you did a terrific job terrifying visitors and setting a tone for the future cast of characters.

Buzz, Pippa, Gowler and Bill for pulling off the outstanding indoor decor treatment complete with student work, window murals, and special effects. Buzz, those stencils were dynamite! We will use them again. Pippa created the fabulously edgy table centerpieces and the wild handprints with spiders mounted to the wall! Thank you!

Catharine, Growler, and Bill for designing and building an amazing obstacle course connected to the trick our treat houses and their core team of installers including but not limited to Boryana, Jenny K and Jason C, Crystal, Ghunti, and Brad! This could be a new “tradition”! We hope we didn’t miss any key volunteers here – it was getting dark Friday eve and tough to see who was out there! ALSO – A huge thanks goes out to all of the 4th graders and their families for contributing most of the delicious candy treats and doing a majority of the door handling business! They were working hard passing those treats and we all loved it! Thank you!!

Allison and Crystal and the team for organizing and running the games!

Morgan, thank you for taking the baton for the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Contest (as a first-year parent, you are brave!) Thank you pumpkin carving contestants for such nice pumpkins!

Emily, Tazeen, Maria, Sarah, and Growler, for preparing supplies, helping to make crafts and sharing your creativity. Emily started a mandala (below) that will be passed from class to class and be used symbolically at the Harvest Festival on Tuesday, November 22! Thank you for all of the donations provided and prepared for this area. Karyn made stencils that we can use again next year!

Thank you Dor, Sarah, Emma and New School Volunteers for doing an amazing job painting our kids’ faces!

Thanks to Hagit and Choresh for organizing ticket sale volunteers and for all of you who worked the entrance table! Alice, Alexandra, and others running the gate and the ticket table were key in helping bring in funds that will allow us to this again!

Catherine and Jenny, thank you for your printing support and all that ink!

Naomi Mizusaki designer extraordinaire for the wonderful poster design that got everyone pumped up for Fall Ball. We are ready to roll the ball next year thanks to you!

Alex, Sharon B, Naumi, and Julia, for all of the extra help setting up and in the end.

Thanks to the NYC firemen from Pitt Street, for pulling up in their big red rig, Ladder Truck 18 AND allowing our kids to climb aboard. They won’t forget that anytime soon. A big thanks to Peter Bici for making it happen.

Josephine for documenting the event photographically!

Many thanks to the parents who joined into the efforts of food and signing up to take on various shifts to help with it all.. food, games, crafts, etc. We could not have done it without you! Thank you for jumping in!

Thank you to Maker State for sharing more of what you do with us and letting us know what you offer students all over the city during after-school and summer camps.

Thanks to Broadway dancer and actor, Jeffrey “Shecky” Schecter (best known for the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line and eight other Broadway shows including the current revival of Fiddler on the Roof) We ran a pilot for our very first “Flash Mob Workshop” Saturday before the Ball began. Then later, if you were lucky, you might have seen the dancers flash us in the yard! The dancers learned a great deal in a very short time and most importantly had fun doing it! We hope to pick this up again and get the word out earlier next year and watch the Mob grow!

A very special thanks to The New School Student Housing and Residence Life volunteers! Chasity, thank you for helping organize. You all did an amazing job. Thank you Chloe, Renee, Pamela, Bailey, Dina, Aaliyah, Chasity, Skylar, Cara, Nico, Christina, Carlie, Ana, Shykira, Jacques,

Thank you to the Staff, Administration and Security for making sure everything went off without a hitch.

A huge thanks goes out to Josephine for documenting the event photographically!
See 2016 Fall Ball Photos Here.

If you have images to share from Saturday, please send us the links or upload them directly to our community EVCS FB Page !

As you can see, if you made it this far, there is a lot of involvement here at EVCS and yes, it takes a village to pull off and event like this! If you did not make it in this year, the good news is, Halloween will come around again next October and we will be ready for you!



Thursday, November 3
There will be a brief recap on Fall Ball for anyone interested in joining in to share thoughts. 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. In the yard, weather permitting.

Cafeteria for Inclement Weather.

Thanks again to everyone for making this event a great success!

We may have walked away with nearly $5,000.00. The detail will be in the treasury report at the next General PA meeting on Wednesday, November 16 at 8:30 a.m. Hope to see you there!

Keeps getting better every year!

Thanks again to everyone,
The EVCS Events Committee

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