School Wide Morning Meeting Message 9/26/16

Dear EVCS students,

Welcome to the first School-wide Morning Meeting of the year!  For our new students and families – School-wide Morning Meeting is one of our favorite traditions at EVCS.  Every other Monday morning our whole school community gets together to sing songs, share things we’ve been working on in music class, and think about what is most essential in our learning.

This year, in addition to exploring the Habits of Mind together, we will be thinking about our Core Values as a school.  What are the things we care about the most at our school?  What is universal at EVCS, regardless of what grade you are in?  What do we stand for?

We will be working on developing a short list of our core values this year, but I want to start us off with the first one:

Our Core Value is kindness.

Kind people show concern for others, for our school and for the environment.  Kindness can be shown through compassion, empathy, generosity, and service.  Kindness is maybe the most important thing to have in a community.  It is one of the qualities in a person that I value the most.

I have been watching our students for examples of kindness, especially at lunch and recess, and I there is one that I would like to share.


We ask that all of our students clear their tables and throw away all of their garbage after they finish lunch.  But still, some kids forget and every day there is a bunch of garbage left behind on the tables.  After throwing her own garbage out every day, Frances Cooke in the fourth grade goes from table to table throwing away all of the garbage other kids have forgotten to take care of.  I have never asked her to do this – she does it all on her own, and this is the definition of kindness.  True acts of kindness aren’t done for recognition or reward – they are done because it feels good to do the right thing.  Thank you Frances!

If anyone notices someone in our community demonstrating our core value of kindness, big or small, please let me know!  Maybe they will get a shout out at our next SWMM.

What other core values can you think of?  We’ll be asking  for your input as we go through the year.

Have a great day everyone!  Be kind to one another.