AfterSchool@EVCS Regular Weds Pick Up: 5PM

Hi Folks,

Hope all is well.

I am touching base exclusively about tomorrow. As you know, Curriculum Night is upon us. Those children regularly registered for AfterCare on Wednesday will have coverage until 5:55pm and parents should feel free to contact and confirm with us regarding any child meant to be  transferred from AfterSchool’s AfterCare session to Curriculum Night/PA provided childcare. (Although I have asked for access to their list, I would rather we be over-prepared.) The rest of us, however, will need to remember to pick up our kids at 5pm in the lobby per usual.

Neither AfterSchool nor the PA/Curriculum Night organizers will be providing bridge babysitting between the close of AfterSchool at 5pm and the official start of Curriculum Night/childcare at 5:30pm.

And anyone registered for Curriculum Night childcare will need to drop their child/ren at 5:30pm as instructed. (FYI the Curriculum Night childcare button is on the evcs website at;

See you tomorrow night,