Good Evening,

It’s magic. You’re part of the AfterSchool family now! So welcome (back) and look ahead. It was an intense summer spent sourcing and vetting instructors, offerings, class assistants and strengthening our existing programming. But we were in good stead to begin with. These are creative and curious practitioners in their chosen fields. So we’ve another fabulous semester in store.

The next few weeks promise to be demanding on our kids as they warm up to a new school, grade or both; a structured and longer day; new AfterSchool courses and instructors as well as each other. We should all support this transition as much as possible. Parents of PreK and K participants may find themselves making extra efforts in this arena. Scroll down for some pointed tips. 

Familiar with Monty Python by any chance? AfterSchool runs on “wafer thin” (The Meaning of Life) margins. Outside of those who staff classes and AfterCare, much of the managerial and administrative work is done on a voluntary basis.

The program is not budgeted for day time (prior to 2:30pm) or evening hours (after 6pm). Still, we aim to be accessible and rely heavily on email to do so (and about twice a semester – on long letters like these). If you need to reach us before or after hours we may be enmeshed in our private lives or other jobs. Many administrative and managerial hours are done on a voluntary basis during non-operational hours and without the benefit of a dedicated office, workspace, program equipment or supplies. For these reasons, you will not be able to find us in the building, except during AfterSchool hours of operation (2:40 – 5:55PM). But we can set up meetings. And although AfterSchool is an entity completely separate and apart from EVCS (day school), Assistant Principal Liz, Parent Coordinator James B., your child/ren’s teacher(s) and Principal Bradley are all valued, knowledgeable and trusted proxies.

As AfterSchool continues to face various budgetary, space & resource challenges this year we increasingly need your support to arrive at and maintain our enrichment, strategic & organizational goals. Accordingly, this program can only grow and prosper with your support.

On to the real essence…Below you will find that I have highlighted some important information to orient newcomers and refresh veterans. Although much of this information is available on our webpage, please scan through and avail yourself of the specifics!

Most humbly,

Camille Marlow

Director, AfterSchool

(2013 – Present)

Absolutely! Pack-Your-Own-Snacks
Licensing and city regulations currently prohibit us from providing snacks. Parents have been packing snacks since 2014. Make’em  of the fresh, delicious and nutritious variety. Sugar rush stuff and guilty-pleasure chips will remain in the backpack.

Attendance: Absence, Late Pick Up and Early Pick Up
In addition to informing EVCS teachers and administrators, please stay in close communication with us about your child’s whereabouts. We take tracking and attendance very seriously and you want to make that as easy on us as possible (wink!) Please note, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PRE-K & K KIDS ABSENT DUE TO DEPT of ED NON-ATTENDANCE DAYS, if your child was absent from day-school they can not attend AfterSchool  either.

If your child/ren  will be absent please tell our temporary Assistant Site Coordinator Brianne Glover ( with us till Nov. 1) at 678-467-1880 or with at least 24 hour notice  She is, among other things, in charge of attendance and will also be running AfterCare from 5 – 5:55 PM Mondays through Fridays (held in the lobby or yard) . If you are running late, give her a call. It might just save you a late fee.

Early Pick Up: check the class directory at the security desk as well as the “alternative venue” notebook we utilize annually to indicate instances in which instructors are venturing to spaces other than their assigned one on any given day. For PreK/K families we are suggesting you pick up kids early for 2 – 4 sessions, depending on your child and should your schedule allow. 4:15PM is a good transitional moment. PreK/K families, please scroll immediately down for a directory of classrooms and further down for a few more simple  tips to prepare the Littles!!!

Regular Pick Up:

Kids in grades 1 – 5: first floor/main lobby@5PM
PreK/K (Program within a Program) participants: assigned classroom@5PM
-PreK/K Mon: Room 201
-PreK/K Tues: Room 407 or gym (right down the hall)
-PreK/K Weds: Room 203
-PreK/K Thurs:
a.) in room 202 till (circa) 3:15PM
b.) in the yard (sunny) or 4th floor gym (rainy) till 4:45PM
c.) n the lobby@5PM for dismissal
-PreK/K Fri:Rooms 204 and 202

Late Pick Up: please contact temporary Assistant Site Coordinator Brianne Glover ( till Nov. 1) at 678-467-1880. It might just save you a late fee! Until you arrive, your child will be ‘folded’ into the AfterCare session (held in the lobby or yard) which runs from 5 – 5:55PM. We operate on tight margins so predictability is paramount to controlling costs. If you think you may need AfterCare but you have not registered for it yet, contact us! Enrollment helps us maintain reasonable adult to participant ratios. Access our webpage for further details.


Take a few moments to explain as many details to your PreK and K AfterSchoolers as possible:

-All the grownups are sensitive to the fact that they have already braved a long day in school.

-Warn participants that their AfterSchool teachers may likely be different from their day-school ones – unless they lucked out and are an AfterSchool course with Yolanda or Kofi – or even Nellie whom (though assigned to an upper grade) sometimes assists with lower grade/activities.

-Remind them how they will be spending their time with us by describing the class and reviewing the name of their instructor.

-Further, PreK/K kids (except those in Tuesday’s Expressive Dance) can count on snacking on “the familiar hallway” on the 2nd level.  

-In some courses instructors plan on spending quality time in EVCS’ meditative Tree of Knowing garden replete with early childhood development play things.

-Otherwise, in addition to staying in the building or on EVCS grounds, kids can count on hanging out with their fellow PreK and K pals and seeing other familiar faces since EVCS’ teachers are among the hardest working (they hardly ever leave on time, let alone early). We have a fantastic rapport with teachers and administrators (who wouldn’t?) and pull them in to help comfort these little guys when we can and they are able.

-Please reassure them that the grown ups in AfterSchool will always make sure they are in the right place and that we adults are here to be gentle and make it better. They can count on hugs if they need them and if they are having a really tough time, we’ll talk to moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and guardians about making things better – – as quickly and painlessly as possible.

-Finally, and depending on your child and the flexibility of of your schedule –  consider picking up a bit early for a couple of sessions. 4:15PM is a pretty good transition moment in our day.

Health and Medical Considerations: AS AN ENTITY COMPLETELY SEPARATE AND APART FROM EVCS and the NYC DOE, assume that AfterSchool and our instructors do not have pre-existing knowledge of your child’s medical and other needs.

Allergies and medical conditions:  we trust that you entered accurate and up to date information regarding your child’s allergies, medical and other important conditions about which we should be aware. As long as the issue is not emergent, be sure to update us (via email) when necessary.  

Medication: AfterSchool is not licensed to dispense medication.

Special needs, unique learners and those who identify differently: we consistently strive to be inclusive, to accommodate and support every kind of student but the inescapable truth is that AfterSchool offers a short window and limited opportunity to “reach” participants. We do not have access to the kinds of resources that the daytime school can count on and provide. We are committed to partnering with families to try, however. And we are currently making innovative strides to inculcate this philosophy ever more formerly (more on that later). Finally, with your permission we have the immeasurable benefit of leaning “back into” the school for advice and suggestions. Bear in mind, that this can be achieved WITHOUT EVCS revealing specifics about your child and his or her academic file.

Medical equipment – assume that AfterSchool will not have access to any medical equipment stored in the Nurse’s Office or homeroom classroom. Please have a conversation with your child’s instructor(s) demonstrating where any medical equipment is stored.

Transfers, Refunds and Credits

Transfers: although we try our best to find a good fit for students, we discourage making serial transfers to other classes and similarly are unable to honor indefinite transfer requests throughout the duration of the semester. We investigate and make those  transfers we can accommodate very carefully; after engaging in a conversation with the family, checking in with the instructor about classroom dynamics and the best moment to make a move given the curriculum etc. We examine important ratios and other compliance matters and encourage you to talk candidly with your child. Do they wish to leave for reasons that will last? Could there be a misunderstanding at play with an existing AfterSchool cohort or teacher? Check in directly with your child’s existing lead instructor and or class assistant (if applicable). Outside of your child, they were the ones who were actually there. Stop by and chat with me or Brianne – or let’s set up a joint meeting with the instructor on our way to exploring solutions.

Refunds and Credits: as stated on our website our policy is NOT to offer refunds. We run and staff classes strictly based on the enrollment numbers. When enrollment suddenly drops, it may leave us in a bind.

Fall 2016 Calendar Dates

AfterSchool dates will appear on the scrolling calendar appearing on the EVCS website:

But the rule of thumb is that  AfterSchool has historically been closed whenever the school is!

 First day of AfterSchool – Tuesday, 09/13/16

AfterSchool closed:
12/26/16 – 1/2/17 (Winter Recess)
Half day programming: 11/3/16
Last day of Fall Semester AfterSchool – Friday, 02/17/17

An early word about 11/3 Half Day

We will provide bridge coverage between early dismissal (at 11:30AM) and regular AfterSchool classes (beginning at 2:50PM) on November 3. Anyone registered for the program (meaning enrolled any day of the week)  is eligible to participate. We are already gearing up to plan another – seriously, ok? – cool half day program. Look for details towards the end of October along with access to registration materials.

Inclement Weather Closing

The NYC DOE can shut down AfterSchool even if school remains open! Be on the lookout for an email weather alert on snowy and inclement days.