EVCS has an ongoing fundraiser set up with schoola.com! Learn More.

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Dear EVCS Families and Friends,

Keep the Music Playing and the Kids on the move at East Village Community School !

Ready to learn more? schoola.com
EVCS has an ongoing fundraiser set up with schoola.com

Join us in expressing your support for our program and more…
share it with friends and family too, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!
This is an on-going fundraiser! You can participate at anytime by ordering a Schoola donation bag. Go green, get clean and help out EVCS by recycling your gently used clothing each season!

What NOT to donate:
sleepwear, undies or socks
men’s clothing, any item loved to pieces, stretched, stained or faded, missing labels, homemade or altered, no offensive language or content.
What you CAN donate:
Like new condition, clean clothing for babies, kids, tweens, teens & women, maternity, shoes and boots in great condition, women’s hand bags, Halloween Costumes – although we might want to save those for an EVCS trade in the fall!

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FIRST BAG MAILED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME, Fill it up and drop it in the mail- postage paid, that’s it!!