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Parents and Children, visit rooms anytime between 5:00 and 7:00pm.


Each classroom will display work for parents to see and there will be an activity planned for you and your child to do together. Please visit as many or as few rooms as you like!

PreKindergarten Rooms 201 and 203
• Play Plans will be on display for all to read.
• Play the game “I have, who has” to imagine together.

Kindergarten Rooms 202 and 204
• Block buildings, writing associated with the Bird Study, and art projects will be shown in the classrooms.
• Build with blocks and practice ways to encourage, question, and push your child to think more flexibly.

First Grade Rooms 401 and 403
• Neighborhood study presentations will be on display.
• Build with blocks as you strive for accuracy and precision together.

Second Grade Rooms 402 and 404
• Writing types and Lenape study art projects will be on display.
• Play chess together as you think flexibly and persist!

Third Grade Rooms 406 and 407
• A variety of 3rd grade writing pieces will be on display as well as data work by our students.
• Conduct a survey data project together as you strive for accuracy, think flexibly, and manage impulsivity.

Fourth Grade Rooms 205 and 501
• View historical fiction stories and math projects by 4th Graders.
• Study historical artifacts together to help develop understanding as you gather data using all the senses, apply past knowledge to learn more.

Fifth Grade Room 502
• See our 5th grader’s climate change essays and projects as well as problem-solving posters created in math.
• Determine an unknown area for different shapes together as you strive for accuracy, think flexibly, and communicate with clarity and precision.

Room 512
• Watch video clips of our students in action as musicians.
• Play instruments together!

Room 412
• Materials used to persist in the dance studio will be on display.
•Dance together!

Visual Arts
Room 413
• Students work will be on display from PreK-Grade 5 demonstrating many different Habits of Mind. _
• Enjoy an artistic drawing activity that encourages flexible thinking.