Celebrate Earth Day at EVCS!


Things you and your children can do this Friday, April 22nd: 

  1. Pack a lunch with ZERO trash potential!
  • What does this mean? Pack a lunch that only has reusable/recyclable containers and results in only recyclable/compostable waste.
  1. Contact your children’s teachers about things your family can contribute to GO GREEN in the classroom! Some things teachers may want or need:
  • Plants
  • Natural/green hand sanitizers
  1. Participate in CAR-FREE NYC 2016!:
  1. Wear GREEN!
  • Children are encouraged to wear the color green or clothes that embrace the spirit of GOING GREEN!


Learn about our School Building-Wide Wellness Committee!

Download a copy of the School Building-Wide Wellness Committee’s EARTH DAY BOOKLET!

Download Earth Day Playful Activity

Download Earth Day Coloring Pages

Learn more about how Earth Day is honored around the world!

For local Earth Day events, click here

Did you know? De Blasio Administration Bans Single-Use Styrofoam Products in New York City Beginning July 1, 2015