Soil Convoy: Campos on 13th to EVCS! Friday before we bike!

Dear Parents

We have a terrific start on the garden, seeds have been planted and the little babies are starting to come up! Please be sure to stop up to take a peek – you can access the garden throught he yard up the stairs where the nikes and scooters are stored.

We need more soil…
we may have access to free soil not far from the school, as a gift from a neighboring gardener, if we can find a way to get it here!

If anyone is feeling strong and has extra time, we need to haul some over from 13th Street (Campos Plaza) this Friday afternoon…
We would meet up in the yard sometime between 1- 2:30ish,
we would walk over to 13th St, load up, pull it back and carry it up to the ToKG…

If anyone has access to a wheel barrow, bring it along!
Granny Carts would also work, we can fill up empty plastic soil bags.
We do have a couple wagons and the garden has a shovel or two. Our our next door neighbor may have a shovel we can borrow as well!

What a better way to spend 1/2 hour on earth day than moving earth.

Good ol’ physical labor on a hot spring day before spring break!

and who would be supplying the lemonade?!

Please send us a phone number if you care to help and are willing to jump in on the fun! We will share more details on time and place to meet.

Spread the word. No pressure, it’s an odd time of day.

Happy Earth Week.