SAVE ENERGY THROUGH ART! Student Poster Contest! K-12 due Friday April 1!

images-1Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please let your children know about this fun and educational poster contest.The deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 1!
APRIL FOOLS DAY. (not joking)

If anyone wants to help save energy through art, share a positive message, then you might like to enter the contest!

A calendar will be produced using the winning pieces of artwork which will be available for schools to order at no cost, after the contest (limited quantities). Prizes will be awarded to all 15 winners at an award ceremony in May. The final artwork will be selected based on the design’s message, subject relevance and artistic originality related to the energy efficiency message.


Submit a poster for the contest- there is nothing to lose.

Special thanks to DCAS Energy Management Office for funding the competition. INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT! Watch the video. imgres