From Jen, Community Action Committee Chair – Opting Out of Testing (again)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.34.26 AMDear Families,

For those who may have missed an earlier email…

As you know if your child is in 3rd-5th grades, we are coming up on the weeks of school devoted to the New York State tests. If your child will be taking the tests, we wish you luck!

Last year, 20 percent of students in grades 3-8 refused to take part in New York State’s 2015 Common Core assessments.

While the PA as a body has not taken an official stance on this enormously complicated issue, many parents remain concerned about standardized, sometimes high-stakes testing, including ways in which it can reshape other methods of learning. Some of us also continue to have serious concerns about how these tests may continue or again be used to assess both teachers and students here and across the country, though it is clear that the conversation in New York State has begun to take a more positive turn. Below is a link to a letter from Jen Nessel, the co-chair of the Community Action Committee, on the movement to opt out of the tests and what to do if you want to opt your child out. This is a letter that represents a point of view, but also tries to provide accurate information. Please direct all inquiries to Jen at [email protected].

Letter from Jen Nessel, Please read!


Jen Nessel

Community Action Committee Chair