Thank you so much for participating in this year’s READING OLYMPICS! Collections of sponsor sheets and donations has begun, but if you need the weekend to get it all together, teachers will happily accept your materials on Monday, April 4. Please use this last weekend to encourage your kids to fill out your sponsor sheets (everyone who does gets a prize) and ask for last minute donations. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS to fund special programs in our school.

Thanks! And have a great weekend 🙂

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EVCS: A few reminders…

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Re: Dismissal in the Yard
School dismissal is at 2:50 pm. We need all caregivers and parents to pick up their children on time and immediately exit the yard. With this beautiful weather, we understand the kids instinct to gravitate to the play area however, it interferes with our ability to differentiate between the kids who are staying for afterschool and the kids who are leaving.
Thank you for your understanding.
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Reading-OlympicsCONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN READING BOOKS AND COLLECTING DONATIONS THIS MONTH! This is the final week of the READING OLYMPICS. Please complete the sponsor sheet/reading log and collect donations and hand everything in to your teachers by Friday, April 1. Remember, any child who completes a reading log WILL GET A PRIZE, even if no donations were collected. The READING OLYMPICS is a great opportunity to raise money for special programs at EVCS, but it is also about the reading 🙂

Your friends/relatives can go to this link:
EVCS PLEDGE PAGE more details here and to make contribution to sponsor a student for reading!

Thank you advance for your participation!

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Dear Families,

We did a full school screening for lice today. We did find a few positive cases.
When we get an number of reported cases in 2-3 classes, we do a full screening. If your child came home with a letter today, they have nits and you need to treat their hair tonight before bringing them back to school tomorrow. Follow up with many days of combing to be sure all of the eggs are out. The policy is to send home any student with live lice. If your child was out today for any reason, and missed the screening, the clinicians will be returning on Friday, April 7 and your child will be screened.
All positive cases today will be re-screened Friday, April 7.

Please check your kids tonight and regularly. We need to be proactive.

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Helping out our EVCS families by donating to their Fire Relief fund

9875867 1457851048.0762Dear EVCS Families

A huge thanks goes out to all of you who have so generously supported our families.
If you were thinking of contributing to the relief fun, please feel free to do so from now until the end of April, at which time we will take down the drive.

Please help out if you can by using the gofundme campaign we set up for them.

Until the families have a more permanent home, this will be very helpful.
They do not have a place to put “stuff” (yet).

All best wishes and thank you for the support.


Re: SCHOOL LOST & FOUND. Find it or Lose it to up cycling / organizations

IMG 0366

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The LOST & FOUND is located in the main lobby. It currently rests on the west end near the vending machine. Please pass by and collect any items you may be missing. There are many winter hats and a collection of other items inside the boxes!

Unclaimed items will be donated to an up-cycling project that the after school team is heading up. The balance of the items will be donated.

Please check all items by Friday, April 15. 2:45 pm
All will be cleaned out after this time. Many Thanks!

FullSizeRender 2
IMG 0369
IMG 0371
IMG 0373
IMG 0374
IMG 0380
IMG 0381
IMG 0383
IMG 0384
IMG 0386
IMG 0385

SAVE ENERGY THROUGH ART! Student Poster Contest! K-12 due Friday April 1!

images-1Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please let your children know about this fun and educational poster contest.The deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 1!
APRIL FOOLS DAY. (not joking)

If anyone wants to help save energy through art, share a positive message, then you might like to enter the contest!

A calendar will be produced using the winning pieces of artwork which will be available for schools to order at no cost, after the contest (limited quantities). Prizes will be awarded to all 15 winners at an award ceremony in May. The final artwork will be selected based on the design’s message, subject relevance and artistic originality related to the energy efficiency message.


Submit a poster for the contest- there is nothing to lose.

Special thanks to DCAS Energy Management Office for funding the competition. INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT! Watch the video. imgres

REMINDER: School Surveys deadline is Friday, APRIL 1

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.57.31 PMDear Teachers, Parents and Guardians,

The NYC School Survey is due by this Friday, April 1.

If you have lost survey materials, please call
the Survey Hotline at 1-800-690-8603

Review the FAQ below and continue to send your questions via email to A webinar, as well as a slide deck and Quick Reference Guide with key information regarding the NYC School Survey is available at

Many thanks for all of your support thus far!
If you have filled out your form, Thank you!

Families with more than 1 child in the SAME school should only fill out one survey for the OLDEST child in that school. This survey helps the DOE focus on how to improve the schools.

Parent surveys are in green envelopes.
Every family was given an envelope at your Parent Teacher Conference. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and mail it in the return envelope. If you prefer you can complete it online here using the individualized access code on your paper survey.

We encourage all families to complete a survey.
Please take the time to do this, it’s important.

So far, we are at 41% of our parent body participation. We can do better! Our goal is 100% participation. Let your voice be heard!

Thank you.

Parent Resources / Workshops / Meetings

District 1 Meetings, Parent Workshops and Resources

Tuesday, March 29th
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
Location: PS 20 which is 166 Essex Street. Childcare is being provided.
Meeting tomorrow night to discuss the SIPP Grant that is intended to help create equal education for all students in District 1.


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From Jen, Community Action Committee Chair – Opting Out of Testing (again)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.34.26 AMDear Families,

For those who may have missed an earlier email…

As you know if your child is in 3rd-5th grades, we are coming up on the weeks of school devoted to the New York State tests. If your child will be taking the tests, we wish you luck!

Last year, 20 percent of students in grades 3-8 refused to take part in New York State’s 2015 Common Core assessments.

While the PA as a body has not taken an official stance on this enormously complicated issue, many parents remain concerned about standardized, sometimes high-stakes testing, including ways in which it can reshape other methods of learning. Some of us also continue to have serious concerns about how these tests may continue or again be used to assess both teachers and students here and across the country, though it is clear that the conversation in New York State has begun to take a more positive turn. Below is a link to a letter from Jen Nessel, the co-chair of the Community Action Committee, on the movement to opt out of the tests and what to do if you want to opt your child out. This is a letter that represents a point of view, but also tries to provide accurate information. Please direct all inquiries to Jen at

Letter from Jen Nessel, Please read!


Jen Nessel

Community Action Committee Chair