“Controlled Choice” admissions policy, EVCS Recap, CEC Meeting Tomorrow

Dear EVCS families,

Following two town hall meetings, a school wide survey and much discussion, EVCS leadership, which includes the SLT and the PA Executive Board, have decided to move forward with a statement that we feel best expresses our position as a community on the proposed resolution to support a “Controlled Choice” admissions policy in NYC School District 1. The resolution was developed by the CEC, or Community Education Council, to present to Chancellor Carmen Farina at the Town Hall meeting this coming Tuesday, Feb. 23. (For more information on attending the meeting, which offers childcare, visit the CEC website at cecd1.org.)

A total of 134 people took our survey, and while more families than not supported signing the resolution, and particularly supported the goals of “Controlled Choice” toward providing a high-quality integrated education for District 1 students, many parents expressed questions and doubts about the resolution and how it best supported a workable roll-out of the proposed policy. These were considered substantial enough that EVCS leadership decided to not sign the resolution in its current form, but instead developed the alternate statement below: 

The parents, staff and leadership of the East Village Community School stand united in our support of the various efforts currently underway by the CEC and the DOE to address segregation and inequity within District 1. It is our belief that all students have the right to a high-quality education in a safe environment, and that all children benefit from being in diverse classrooms and schools. The growing dissimilarity of schools and clustering of students by race and socioeconomic status is harmful to all students at all schools in our district. Diversity, inclusivity and access are core values at the East Village Community School. We therefore support the principles, goals and ethos of a “controlled choice” admissions protocol as long as it is an integral component of a larger effort to increase diversity in our public schools that includes school improvement initiatives, and is piloted with a gradual roll-out with transparency and evaluation. We are interested in further discussion and promoting deeper understanding throughout the District 1 community around the “controlled choice” admissions protocol, its implementation methods and its impact as a component of this larger effort to increase diversity at our public schools.

This statement has been delivered to the CEC, Chancellor Farina and the District 1 schools superintendent Daniella Philips.

We also recognize that this statement reflects only one small part of our ongoing work toward a better and more equitable public educational system, in which all children have full and equal access to a great education, and are supported, valued and cherished for who they are and where they come from in a richly diverse learning environment. We encourage anyone interested in continuing the conversation to come to the CEC Town Hall with Chancellor Farina tomorrow evening. It’s from 6:00 – 8:30 at PS 20, 166 Essex Street.

Complete survey results:

Further reading and resources visit evcsnyc.org.