Snow and winter recess policy

Dear EVCS families,

Given that the perimeter of our school yard is bounded by giant mounds of snow, I though it was a good time to update you on our current guidelines, rules and expectations for outdoor play in the winter.

In general, we want to bring our kids outside to play whenever possible. The only conditions that would prevent us from going outside for early morning free play or mid-day recess are significant rain (more than a light drizzle) or ice. That means that even on really cold days you should expect that we will take kids outside for recess, so you should bundle them up! And as for the giant mounds of snow – our rule is that kids can play on them, but they can’t throw the snow and they have to play safely, i.e. no “king of the hill”. My advice: while there is significant snow on the ground, please send your child to school with at least snow boots, hats and gloves, and perhaps snow pants. Last thing – we are not allowing kids to play in the snow at dismissal time. Please help us out by reminding your children of this rule at the end of the day.