Seasons Greetings, Holidays & Dates

Ladies and Gents,

Seasons greetings and all of that jazz! Oh! and welcome to your tropical NYC winter! Yup. Just a reminder that AfterSchool is open along with EVCS day school this Wednesday, December 23.

Here’s a handy list of important upcoming dates:

Dec 24 to Jan 1 – AfterSchool closed

Jan 4 – AfterSchool’s Fall/Winter semester will resume and reopen (first day back at AfterSchool)

Jan 18 – AfterSchool closed

Jan 28 – AfterSchool is open and PreK students are invited back at 2:50PM to join in their regular class (assuming they are already enrolled on Thursdays…)

Feb 11 – AfterSchool Advisory Committee meeting (as always, childcare & pizza provided)

Feb 12 – AfterSchool’s Fall/Winter semester ends

Feb 15 to 19 – Midwinter recess; AfterSchool is closed

Feb 22 – First day of AfterSchool’s 2nd (aka Winter/Spring) semester



Like “our adorables” (your children), this program continues to grow and change in myriad ways. Most of you know that we’ve always adjusted our classes and currulum to our youngest AfterSchoolers. It began years ago with that implicit understanding then was realized during Open Format’s PreK/K Club in September. This semester we introduced PreK/K snack and our efforts to cater more explicitly to the PreK/K crowd (and a few 1st graders) will evolve next semester into PreK/K-specific class offerings.


We are experiencing population growth while our rooms, classes, facilities and program are only so big!!! Please be ready to register online and on time next semester as we continue to try accommodating everyone’s needs and wants.


Do not panic!!! But please stay tuned, for policy shifts and changes regarding PreK/K and AfterSchool class sizes. We will be mega-communicating with all EVCS parents about any tweaks and updates.


Love, Light & the Good Stuff

Thank you – all of you – for choosing AfterSchool. Building this offshoot of EVCS’ already stellar community is not only good stuff, it’s what keeps us going. Our program is only as lovely as the folks involved though – so if you haven’t yet done so – please take a moment to share some light with AfterSchool’s staff throughout this holiday season and into the New Year and beyond. They’ll love it – – almost as much as they love your kids!

Holiday hugs and squeezes,

Camille and all of us at AfterSchool