School Wide Morning Meeting Message 12/2/2015

December 2, 2015

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome to School-wide Morning Meeting!  I hope everyone enjoyed their well-deserved vacation last week.

Yesterday was the start of a new month and a new Habit of Mind.  Throughout the month of December we will be focusing on Taking Responsible Risks.

When we are in unfamiliar territory in our learning sometimes we can feel uncertain, confused or insecure.  In these moments we must not let the fear of failure prevent us risksfrom taking risks and trying new things.  People who have embodied this Habit of Mind understand that risk taking is a necessary part of our growth and they have learned how to view their mistakes as places for learning.  The picture we associate with taking responsible risks is of hands reaching for the stars.  This reminds us that if we want to achieve new and great things, we need to have courage and be willing to take risks!

Be courageous and take risks in your learning, and maybe you’ll get a shout out at our next SWMM!  Have a great day everyone.

Love,  Bradley