Holiday fundraiser to benefit the 5th Grade Camping trip

Hi all-

Just a quick note to say that we have our initial tally…we have already raised $468 with the Equal Exchange fundraiser to benefit the 5th grade camping trip!!!!! Go 5th Graders!!!!

But we did that with just the 5th Grade helping out. I am asking now for you to help us double that amount by making a purchase before Sunday night (12/13).

Check out the info below for the logistics–and thanks for your support!!!

To make this really easy, please follow the steps below:

1) Start shopping!
Look through the catalog and select the items you would like to purchase (don’t forget to reach out to family members and friends!!!)

2) Email me your order
Please include your child’s name and class so we can get it back to you:

Order from [child’s name, Grade, teachers]
item(s) quantity total price:
C1 (chocolate almond bar) 4 $40
B2 (crackle glaze mug) 1 $18

3) Bring payment Monday morning 12/13
Cash or check payable to “EVCS” (note: Sponsor a classroom 5th grade)

Items will ship out and should be in backpacks by Friday, 12/17 (and definitely before break).

Thank you for your support.

–Steven Garrelts
(Willamina, 5th, and Sylvan 1st)

PS: Here are the total items from the catalog
A1 Organic Dark Choc Caramel Crunch w/ Sea Salt $10
B1 Organic Milk Choc Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt $10
C1 Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds $10
D1 Organic Lemon Ginger w/ Black Pepper $10
E1 Organic Panama Extra Dark $10
F1 Organic Mint Chocolate Crunch $10
G1 Organic Chocolate Bar Collection $30
H1 Organic Dark Chocolate Minis Box $50
I1 Organic Milk Chocolate Minis Box $50
J1 Organic Mind, Body & Soul $12
K1 Organic French Roast $12
L1 Organic Love Buzz $12
M1 Bulk Five Pounds Organic French Roast $65
N1 Single Serve Organic Breakfast Blend $12
O1 Single Serve Organic French Roast $12
P1 Single Serve Organic Unwind DECAF $12
Q1 Organic Green Tea Sampler $15
R1 Organic Herbal Tea Sampler $15
S1 Organic Black Tea Sampler $15
T1 Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips $15
U1 Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips $15
V1 Organic Baking Cocoa $18
W1 Organic Olive Oil $20
X1 Complete Fair Trader Gift Box $60
Y1 Crowd Pleaser Gift Box $45
Z1 Handmade Gift Wrap $10
A2 Super Soft Napkins $10
B2 Crackle Glaze Mug $18
C2 Block-Printed Table Cloth $59
D2 Confetti Scarf $24
E2 Tie Dye Painted Scarf $34
F2 Swirl Kadi Scarf $30
G2 Sunset Bodo Scarf $20
H2 Capiz Earrings $16
I2 Capiz Necklace $34
J2 Colorful Tagua Bracelet $24
K2 Beaded Necklace $24
L2 Silver Disc Earrings $18
M2 Organic Shea Butter Soap $6
N2 Organic Lip Balm $6
O2 Alpaca Finger Puppets $30
P2 Equal Exchange Water Bottle Glossy Red $35
Q2 Equal Exchange Water Bottle Matte Black $35
R2 Equal Exchange Water Bottle Glossy Blue $35
S2 Organic Canvas Grocery Bag $15
T2 Organic Hot Cocoa $18