The Parents Association needs your help!

Dear EVCS Parent:

The Parents Association (PA) provides support to the students and teachers for in-school programs that would not be possible without your contributions. Traditionally, the biggest part of our budget has been for an enhanced arts curriculum, including music and theater. This year we’re thinking about chess electives, rock and roll equipment, dance partnerships and MakerState computer engineering equipment. We would also like to bring theater-arts social-studies to EVERY primary teacher at EVCS, rather than hiring stand-alone theater instructors as has been done in years past.

It’s easy to take for granted all of the things the PA supports, but imagine EVCS without the Fall Ball and Spring Gala, events that strengthen our community. Or what about the things that show our values, like biodegradable lunch trays or excursions with our wonderful teachers? Even some of the most utilitarian things, like hand sanitizer and regular lice checks come from the PA.

The PA is able to do all of this for EVCS because we have generous, engaged, fabulous parents who give what they can. Many of you have already given, and we are extremely grateful. But we need to raise more, so we ask first that you consider a family contribution of $500 for the year to kick off our fundraising efforts. If you can’t give that all at once, you can set up a monthly installment plan on your credit card at And of course all donations are welcome; how about $50, $25, or $10 a month? Can you give that amount for 10 months to keep all these important extras at EVCS?

We sincerely thank you for helping in all the ways that you do, through monetary contributions, participating in school activities and just being all-around awesome parents. EVCS is a great school built on the backs of great families and it always will be.


The Fundraising Team
Nandi Bosia, Njideka’s mom
Matt Hantz, Lola and Gracie’s dad