AfterSchool@EVCS: Register for Thursday’s Half Day by 11:59PM 11/3

Happy Hallows Eve,

Half Day Registration: AfterSchool will provide coverage between day school’s early dismissal (11:30 am) and the start of AfterSchool (2:50PM) for $35. Please register for Thursday’s Half Day by 11:59PM this Tuesday (11/3). Sprout Up, an educational environmental science outfit will be providing EVCS-specific programming for Half Day participants this time around. Kids can expect interactive stations and workshops about planting, community gardening, and our role in the environment. (Plus snack, play and down time.) Please be patient as we learn this new registration and email system. **Our sincere apologies in advance if we hit a few glitches or snags during this Half Day registration process.**

Registration Link –

A note about snacks and pea/nut allergies: We know you are already packing delicious and nutritious after school snacks. But  in addition to doing so, please do not pack any nut-based foods. We are asking that you emphasize fruits, vegetables and snacks that do not create crumbs. Between several severe pea/nut allergies this year and after hour cleaning challenges (program staff do all clean up and maintenanance duties) we need a little support from home!

Trick or Treat Folks,