School Wide Morning Meeting Message 10/19/2015

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome to School-wide morning meeting!

Everyone in our school has been working on persisting in the month of October.  When we persist we keep trying and don’t give up easily, especially when the task is difficult.  I have a few really good examples of EVCS students persisting.

A bunch of our Kindergarten students have been working really hard at doing the monkey bars in the recess yard.  Emilia and Rafa have been working so hard at it that they even have blisters on their hands!  But they keep on practicing those monkey bars – that’s real persistence.  Way to go Emilia and Rafa!

I’ve been hearing so many stories from teachers of kids persisting in the classroom as well.  Elana and Maia told me how the fourth graders have been working on place value with really big numbers, into the millions.  One of their students, Janize, has been doing a great job of persisting in her learning this challenging content.  Over the last couple of weeks, whenever she didn’t understand something right away she asked clarifying questions until she understood, and then she went back and applied this new learning in her work.  Janize’s teachers have been so impressed with how she always tries her best and advocates for her own learning.  Way to persist Janize!

If you notice one of your schoolmates working hard at applying the Habits of Mind, please be sure to let me know!  I’d love to give them a shout out at School-Wide Morning Meeting.

Have a great day everyone.