Re: EVCS Indoor arrival/dismissal:

Dear Parents and Caregivers at EVCS

Indoor arrival/dismissal:

Please note that we will always make an effort to have our regular outdoor arrival/dismissal routines, but will revert to our indoor routine if the weather or safety conditions in the yard prevent us from being outside. In the event that we have indoor arrival, our younger students can be dropped off directly in their classrooms and the older students can go up on their own from the cafeteria at 8:25. If students arrive before 8:25 they can stay in the cafeteria. In the afternoon, students will wait in their classrooms to be picked up by their caregivers. To minimize traffic in the building we ask that during indoor arrival/dismissal parents try to use the entrance to the building right off our schoolyard, at the top of the ramp.

James Bromberg, Parent Coordinator