The results are in!

More than 120 EVCS families took our family survey, conducted this winter to determine where we stand as a community and what our needs are. Happily, we found that, overall, families feel that the EVCS community is a welcoming one and that activities, events and governance are inclusive and accessible. However, we also found that single-parent and adoptive families could use more resources when it comes to feeling fully supported by our community.

The survey helped us see where we need to focus our work going forward. We need a clearer definition of what diversity is, as well as how a diverse community can foster engaged and aware children who will be ready to face the challenges of a complex world. To our concern, some families reported that their children had experienced negative incidents, so we will explore anti-bullying programs and tools to support all of our children.
We saw that we need more education on how the current policies of the Department of Education impact schools and increase segregation–and how we can work together to change those policies. And while our current community is generally a warm and inclusive one, we need to increase awareness on how reaching out into area communities can strengthen our connections to the East Village and to the greater city (and world) around us.
The PA EVCS Diversity Committee offers social, cultural and curriculum support to the EVCS community; works to create effective outreach efforts to reach a greater range of potential EVCS families; and addresses policy issues to foster greater inclusivity and more equitable distribution of resources in NYC schools. To view a powerpoint presentation on the family survey, to join our listserv, or just to learn more about the Diversity Committee, please email
Thanks to everyone for your input and support. See you next year!
Marcella Durand and Michelle Eaton
Co-Chairs, EVCS PA Diversity Committee