Congratulations Bradley!

Dear EVCS Community,

We are pleased to share with you the exciting news that Bradley Goodman has been officially named the principal of EVCS! This is wonderful news for our community, as Bradley brings incredible dedication, experience and leadership to his new role. Building on the remarkable community that the former principal, Robin Williams, helped to create, Bradley promises to lead the school with energy and vision – not to mention great music – in this exciting next phase for EVCS.

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Important information about AfterSchool

Dear parents,

Welcome and welcome back to Afterschool@EVCS!

I hope you all had a great and restful winter break! Here are some important information and dates:

1. Attendance– we take attendance every day. When a child is not present for their AfterSchool class and he/she was in school during the day we would call to check with parents. Please email us if there is any change in your child schedule – doctors appointment, play date, etc..

2. Snacks — Please provide snack for your child when he/she is staying for AfterSchool. Snack is provided by the DOE for families who qualify for free lunch. If your child brings in their own snack, please lean toward healthier options and avoid candy, soda, any peanut-based snacks and gum
3. Important dates

3/19 is a half day. We’ll have a bridge session from 11:30 to 2:50 for those who need it. You can expect more information about that and a sign up link in the coming weeks.

No school and no Afterschool days:
4/3- 4/10 Spring break
5/25- Memorial Day
6/4- Chancellor Day
And 4/23 is a PreK non attendance day.
The last day of Afterschool is Thursday June 25.
Lastly if you are new to our program here’s how your child’s day is going: first they have a snack in the cafeteria for about a half an hour, then they go with their AfterSchool instructor and start their class.
 Dismissal is at 5pm in the lobby.
Thank you and have a great week! And let’s hope that we’ll have warmer days really soon 🙂
Boryana Yakova

PA meeting Thursday evening EXCITING SPEAKER

Please join us this Thursday, February 26 for the Parents Association meeting with guest speaker, Sandra Chapman, the Director of Diversity and Community at the Little Red Schoolhouse

5:30 Refreshments in the lobby
6:00 PA news and info in the auditorium
6:30 Speaker Sandra Chapman in the auditorium

In today’s society, young children receive daily messages about race, ethnicity, skin color, gender, family structure and ability. When these messages are affirming, they aid in the development of a healthy sense of sense. However, negative messages about children’s identity are also absorbed through explicit and implicit means. How, then, can educators, parents, and caregivers help preschool and elementary children know themselves well and love themselves even more? Join in an exploration of children’s development of difference and strategies for affirming identity.

FREE Childcare with pizza is available. Please RSVP by Wednesday 5pm

This Week and Next at EVCS

Dear Families

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone enjoyed their week off with a change in schedule. Hopefully everyone is feeling recharged and ready to move through February and into March!

The next time you pass through the halls or peek into the classrooms, you might notice a brightness overall that the new lighting fixtures bring to the spaces. The DOE installed all new lighting throughout our building.


The New EVCS After School Schedule begins today!
Please be sure to shift gears …

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EVCS Spring Gala is 83 Days Away !


No Winter last forever; no Spring skips it’s turn. – Hal Borland

Dear EVCS families, caregivers, staff and administration

While the survey of groundhogs this year was inconclusive, they all agreed on one thing. Spring will come! And with it, comes the annual EVCS Spring Gala and Auction!

Held in May the Annual Spring Gala, this is the school’s biggest fundraising event of the year! An evening of food, drinks, entertainment and a fantastic silent auction thrown entirely by the families of EVCS directly supporting our kids education and school life.

There are a gazillion ways to be involved in this great event.


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Great News

Dear EVCS Family,

Happy 100th Day of School! Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun. I have some great news to share, to set us off on our mid-winter break on a positive note.

We applied for several grants this year and were awarded THREE great ones:

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Notes on the PA budget

Two somewhat related questions have come up recently …

How do we expect to raise money if our fundraisers are free?*

No one is compelled to contribute money to the PA. We ask for donations every fall but deliberately don’t call these dues, as some schools do. Still, EVCS families have given or pledged more than $30,000 in family contributions so far this year. (Thank you!)

Similarly, no parent should need to buy a ticket to attend an EVCS event. In fact, ticket prices have always been suggested (though the PA hasn’t always drawn a lot of attention to that modifier). But enough families will give at the door, or bid at the silent auction, and we will raise another $30,000 this year at PA events. (Thank you again!)

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EVCS Reminders before Winter Recess

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Remember that first day of school in the yard?!

Re: Next Week
It is Winter Recess, Monday, February 16 – Friday, February 20

Before we break, a few reminders and dates to put on the radar:

Lice seems to be a part of all communities… Please check your backpacks for a pink letter full of information coming home today or tomorrow. The good news is, you can be ProActive, be aware and check you children regularly. If you see your child scratching his/her head, this could be a sign- look carefully. Invest in a lice comb. If you find you have lice, it is a good practice to let others in your class know to check their kids. Let your teachers know. Anyone can get lice and if we can shift the stigma, get better at checking and be diligent, we can get ahead of their game. (no pun intended) Feel free to do your own research, learn more about lice, you will find there are different home remedies, there are professionals to call and there are preventative measures to take. The staff is also taking precautions within the classrooms. Please read the letter we send home or see the link below. If I can be of any further help, don’t hesitate to call on me. Direct link to the Lice Letter click here.
Kindergarten Admissions – DEADLINE EXTENDED – Apply through February 18. All families, including those of students with disabilities and current pre-k students, should submit an application in order to receive a kindergarten placement. Even if you are currently enrolled at EVCS in PreK, you still need to apply to Kindergarten.
FOR MORE INFO, click here
Pre-K Application & Information Coming Soon
The Pre-K Application Period
is from Monday, March 16 to Friday, April 24, 2015.
What You Can Do Now
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: March 16 Application Period Opens
SIGN UP FOR UPDATES: Get email alerts in your inbox, text “pre-K” to 877-877, follow us on Twitter, or friend us on Facebook.
Re: Community and Citywide Education Councils Positions These important positions allow for parent engagement on many levels. Parents are encouraged to do the following:
Visit for more information or to apply now.
Attend an information session for prospective candidates.
View Chancellor Fariña’s announcement here.
Education Councils provide parents a voice in public education so please think about raising a hand for your school and apply today!

Save the dates:
Monday, March 2 Next School-Wide Morning Meeting, Auditorium
Wednesday, March 4 Next Building Wellness Meeting, Cafeteria
Thursday, March 19 Half Day for all students
EVCS 4th Annual READING OLYMPICS will be starting next month on March 9th and run through Monday, April 13. Details to follow…
Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in March, on the 18th & 19th
Teachers will provide details closer to the conference days.
Saturday, February 14, Ice Festival
This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love of Central Park at our fourth annual Ice Festival. Witness ice-carving artists from Okamoto Studio use electric chain saws, chisels, and picks to transform more than 3,000 pounds of ice into a glistening replica of the Park’s most romantic statue ― Romeo and Juliet by Milton Hebald (1966).

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02.05_Next week and more…

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It was great to have the kids go outside today, run around a bit and get some vitamin D. Thanks again to the energetic shoveling parents!

What is happening next week?

February 9-13, 2015 is Respect For All Week
in all NYC public schools. Click here to Learn More >

CEC Meeting Wednesday, February 11, 2015 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
PS 20, 166 Essex St

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Interesting Read: Why Are American Schools Obsessed With Turning Kids Into Robots?

Brought to you by Jen Nessel, Chair of Community Action Committee 

Standardized tests aren’t the only way of measuring intelligence.

Feb 2 2015, 9:21 AM ET

Anya Kamenetz is very clear when she says she didn’t set out to write about standardized testing. A 2014 New America fellow and lead education blogger at National Public Radio, she had already written two books about the future of education and wanted her next project to be about innovations in K-12 education. But as she began researching her new book, The Test: Why Our Schools are Obsessed with Standardized Testing—But You Don’t Have to Be, she found something surprising: Innovations weren’t at the center of the story for K-12. At best, they were at the margins, always seemed difficult to incorporate. Why? Because of a social and political obsession with standardized testing in America. In order to write accurately about improving K-12 education, she had to write about what she calls “the gorilla in the room.”

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