Letter of Support for cafeteria noise-reduction-related capital funding

Dear Principals Goodman, Shuster and Velez-Clarke,

The School Building-Wide Wellness Committee for the Children’s Workshop School, the East Village Community School and the Spectrum School has written a letter of support for your request for capital funding to reduce noise levels in the school building cafeteria. Attached are the letter and images of sound pressure (i.e., noise) readings taken in the cafeteria during the lunch hour on January 16, 2015.

In the interest of being “green”, we are emailing this letter and images, however, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need hard copies of the attached files. If you have any questions, please contact either me at the information below or Tina Gilberti, CWS Parent and Chair of CWS’s Wellness Committee. We thank you in advance for your review of our support letter and look forward to providing assistance in any way possible for advancing this important initiative.

Link to the letter

Best regards,

Naumi Feldman
EVCS Parent
Chair, EVCS Parents Association’s Green and Wellness Committee
Member, School Building-Wide Wellness Committee