The Ball Bounced, Rolled and Sailed the Sea!


Dear EVCS Families,

Yeowza – It was a Screaming, Bouncing Ball!
YES! We had another amazing Fall Ball thanks to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who attended and created a fabulous Fall Ball 2014. It was a magical day filled with costumed friends reveling and sharing in school spirit.

So many people helped organize this year’s event, naming each of them would amount to reciting the school enrollment list! But some people went above and beyond the call, and we want to give them a big public shout out of gratitude:

Thanks to the EVCS Events Committee for navigating the entire event.

Alice, thank you for running the Cafeteria; buffet, beverages, desserts and all the culinary delights. Your organizing skills and fresh salad were appreciated by all. Kadija, thanks for helping organize and serve the food, beverages, and desserts. Thanks to Ingrid, Matt,Trish, Megan, and Melanie for working at the buffet! A HUGE thank you to all those who donated the wonderful food, desserts and Beverages.

Thank you to the Haunted House Committee (Construction, Decor, Actors, Breakdown): Erik, Jason, Tristan, Engelbert, Asa, Rosie, Joe, Orland, Jason, Fred, Christian, Terry, Tara, Crystal, Alice, Mileisa, Annette, Bradley, Noel, Matt, Loren, Anabel, Neil, Stacy, Nandi, Michael and George. Erik’s decor team made for a haunted auditorium we will long remember. Thanks to Engelbert for sharing his video skills, and to Joe for making the Mad Scientist Feely table. You all helped turn our entire auditorium into a scary Halloween extravaganza!

To Teresa and her son Auden, thank you for organizing the 4th grade class to help with the trick or treat houses! Teresa, with the the help of Bill, did the set up, touch up, and — unbelievably! — stayed for clean up too! Thank you to all those who volunteered or donated treats: Jeremy, Melanie, Naomi, Matt, Hayes, Naumi, Jenny, Mayra, Julia and Camille with the made dash when we ran out!

Thanks Clean up Crew: Alice, Ingrid, Roy, Chris, and Terry. This was a very important team. We could not have finished up without you.

Games were a pleasure again this year! Thanks, Allison for coordinating them! The prizes and treats were extra special. Thanks to all the volunteers that ran the games and donated prizes: Jenny, Donna, Karyn, Christopher, Jennifer, Alessandra, Jessica, Moira, Gunti, Anabel, Klaudia. Thanks, also to all those who jumped in when needed. Our kids really enjoyed the games.

Thanks for selling the bouncy house tickets Alessandra and Luis! The kids bounced and giggled all afternoon!

The Cotton Candy Machine – Anne and Simon, Thank You!! – once again an enormous hit! We appreciate your dedication, along with volunteers: Klaudia, Dorit, Caroline, Kimmy who all did not mind getting sticky!

The Scarecrow Craft and Wax Candles Craft were great fun this year thanks to Sarah Lippin – who provided all of the materials, worked the table. Thank you: Shawna, Russ, Abby, Elizabeth for working these craft tables.

The cupcake table was a Sweet Success, thanks to Melissa coordinating this table and the volunteers: Christa, Alex, Brina, Dan and Hayes.

Thanks face painters: Dor, who painted the haunted house actors. Thanks to Simin, N’Bushe, Nina, Dor and Kate- you added more color to our smiles!

The Photo Booth was a huge success again this year thanks to Larry, Klaudia, Anselm and their terrific assistant Katy.

Second annual pumpkin carving contest! Thank you Patricia and Wellington for pulling this all together. Congratulations to the winners:
1st prize Winner:
Jenna’s pumpkin #2 (Pirate ship)

2nd Prize Winners: (tied)
Lola’s pumpkin #3 (castle)
Naima’s pumpkin # 6 (bat)

3rd Prize Winner:
Tommy’s pumpkin #7 (3D face with tongue sticking out)


Popcorn machine. Thank you Russ, Steven, Brian, Moira, Jeremy, Catherine and those who jumped in to help sell popcorn and make the yard smell delicious.

Patricia and Erik, we all appreciated the music you help set up in the yard.

Josephine, thanks for volunteering as the official Fall Ball photographer!

Thanks to Crystal for organizing the high school volunteers from Frank Sinatra Performing Arts High School! They were terrific and a huge help.

Thank you, Catharine Lyons for making those huge, fun size ghosts hanging in the Yard! (And that crazy gorgeous pumpkin cake!)

EVENT SHOTS By Jayne Wexler

Congratulations to all!
EVCS Events
James and George