AfterSchool Sign Up Deadline of 12 noon on Nov 11th for Nov 13th Half Day Session Sign Up

Happy Hallow’s Eve!

You’re invited to sign up for the November 13th half day session! It runs from 11:30a.m. (which is when school let’s out for the half day) until the usual end of the school day, 2:50p.m. At 2:50 p.m. our regular AfterSchool classes kick in. So if your child has regularly been enrolled in a Thursday AfterSchool class they can stay on Thursday until 5p.m. (for regular pick up) or 5:50p.m.(if s/he is officially registered for AfterHour). The cost is $35 per child per session.

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A few More Reminders, Info and Dates to Save

Dear Parents

A few more dates and reminders…

Please skip halloween costumes for the day and save them for AFTER School. We want to avoid any distractions during the regular school day, and perhaps bring them to pick up and treat the way home!

Next Week
Thursday, November 6 Child Development Parent Chat
8:45am in the Library Conference Room

Thursday, November 20 is a Pre-K Non-Attendance Day

The school lunch menu at EVCS is always available on our website.
However, you can click here to see the menu for November. The Breakfast menu is also on the website at

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Petition Against Success Academy In D1 – PLEASE SIGN

unnamedSuccess Academy Charter Schools in D1!!
One day soon, you might be stopped on the street and asked to sign a petition in support of “great new public school option coming into the neighborhood.” At the top of the petition, you will also see the words “Success Academy Charter Schools.”
Here in District 1, we want our schools to reflect our values, cultures, and diversity. Given rising class sizes, rampant overcrowding and inadequate funding, who wouldn’t want another great public school? But the Success Academy claim is very deceptive. Success Academy Charter Schools take resources and space from our public schools. What’s more, Success Academy Charter schools do not serve the same number of high needs students as do our district schools. Our schools, which will lose resources to Success Academy, will enroll even more at risk students that Eva’s schools will not take.

Standing up to say no to Success Academy can help protect and support the community schools we already have in District 1.

By signing this petition you are telling Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy that we are a strong, united community dedicated to supporting schools that truly serve our needs.

Dear Success Academy,

(click the link to sign the petition)

Jen Nessel
Community Action Committee

The Ball Bounced, Rolled and Sailed the Sea!


Dear EVCS Families,

Yeowza – It was a Screaming, Bouncing Ball!
YES! We had another amazing Fall Ball thanks to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who attended and created a fabulous Fall Ball 2014. It was a magical day filled with costumed friends reveling and sharing in school spirit.

So many people helped organize this year’s event, naming each of them would amount to reciting the school enrollment list! But some people went above and beyond the call, and we want to give them a big public shout out of gratitude:

Thanks to the EVCS Events Committee for navigating the entire event.

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10.27.2014 EVCS This week and more…


Dear Parents

Please see important upcoming dates below:

Wednesday, October 29th, 6pm – 9pm CEC – Middle School Forum Where: PS 20, 166 Essex St
CEC (Citywide Education Council) MORE ABOUT CEC

Tuesday, November 4th, Election Day – No school for students

Monday, November 10th, 8:45am-9:45am School-Wide Morning Meeting

Tuesday, November 11th, Veterans Day – No school for students

Thursday, November 13th, Parent/Teacher Conferences – Half day
Pick up is at 11:30 am for ALL students.
Please be sure to pick up children promptly. Many thanks in advance.

Thursday, November 20,  Pre-K Non-Attendance Day

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Parent Assembly Meeting Minutes-October 23rd, 2014

Parent Assembly Meeting Minutes
October 23rd, 2014

Call to order

Approved last month’s minutes (acclamation)

Principal Report

  • Allison introduces principal selection
    • describes CR-30 committee process
      • 3 interviews by teachers and parent reps (from SLT and PA),
      • recommendation will go to district superintendent who can then have a more in-depth interview with candidates if needed.
      • Final decision made by chancellor.
      • Entire process should take no more than 90 days from when the job was first posted (shortly after start of school year).
      • parents invited to submit questions
  • Allison gives SLT report
    • they are developing this year’s mission statement and goals.
    • Question: will SLT evaluate new dance and music programs?
      • Yes, but PA arts committee members will also make visits and report back to PA.

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10.23.2014 EVCS This week and more…

Dear Parentsmail

I attended an amazing workshop at Teachers College last week with a focus on Supporting a Childs’s Reading and Writing. It takes all of us Working Together. There were some very useful tips on Helping Your Child Spell Well, Resistance to Reading and Writing…, and Phonics. If you are interested in details, feel free to stop by and see me or find me in the yard. I will continue to share opportunities for parent workshops as they become available.

Are you interested in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella On Broadway? See me for discounted tickets that are good thru Dec 14.
More Info.


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