Process to select Principal for EVCS

Dear Parents,

As most of you are aware, since Robin retired as Principal of EVCS, Bradley has been acting as Interim Acting Principal. Many parents have asked what that means, whether he automatically becomes principal, does he want to become principal, what is the process, etc. We hope to alleviate some of these concerns with this email detailing the selection process for Principal.

Bradley would very much like to be Principal of EVCS. He does not automatically become principal. There is a systematic process put forth by the Department of Education (DOE).

The process, called the Chancellor’s Regulation C30 process is overseen by the superintendent of District 1, Daniella Phillips. Daniella, who acts as “Hiring Manager” will attend the first School Leadership Team (SLT) to explain the process to members of the SLT who, by default make up the C30 “Level 1” committee. The committee is made up of five parents and five teachers: David Smoke (K), Caroline Bequillard 2nd), Stefanie Henze (1st), Christine La Plume, Clara Lin, Allison Gordon, Marijke Briggs, Jen Nessel, Frank Zambrelli and Keren Jean Charles, as well as Allison Sheehan, the school’s Network leader.

A job listing must be posted on the DOE website for fifteen days. Bradley will submit an application, as will other interested applicants. The C30 committee will review and select 3-5 interviewees. They will then conduct a round of interviews and send their recommendations to Daniella. As hiring manager, Daniella will make the final decision.

The entire C-30 process should be completed within 90 days of the vacancy posting date.

*There will be an opportunity to address this process and to share thoughts, questions and concerns with SLT parent representatives who will be directly involved in the selection process at the next PA meeting, Thursday, Oct 23 at 6pm.