Can you make a difference at EVCS?

Right now, it’s up to you

The Parent Association’s biggest fundraiser of the year is happening right now, and we’re counting on you to make it a success.

It’s not a party or an auction, and we’re not selling you anything. We’re just asking you to contribute what you can so that the PA can continue to support our kids and their teachers during another remarkable school year.


The PA provides essential support to EVCS for programs that would not be possible without these family contributions. Think about our great arts curriculum — this year, parents have committed to fund more than $30,000 for theater and music.

To meet that commitment, we need your help today. Please consider a family contribution of $500 for the year to kick off our fundraising efforts. If that’s a lot to cover all at once, you can set up a $50/month plan on your credit card.

Or you can choose any other amount to contribute — can you give $25 a month? $10 a month? Whatever you can afford will make a big difference.

With gratitude,
Steven Garrelts, PA Fundraising Chair