PA meeting minutes 5/21/14


  • Jennifer Kronenfeld of Nominating Committee read current nominees

    • Presidents, Boryana Yakova and Allison Gordon

    • Vice President, Deirdre Sheridan

    • Treasurer, Jeremy Sherber

    • Secretary, Melissa Shiffman

  • No objections or further nominees from group

  • Motion made to vote, unanimous vote for new Executive Board, 2014-15 as written above

Principal’s Report – Robin

  • Thoughts of budget priorities for next year (have not received yet). SLT discussed discretionary funds to align with goals of school

    • Literacy

      • hoping to work more closely with Teachers College (TC).

      • if we are not aligned financially, teachers can’t attend their Professional Dvpts.

    • Math

      • receive support through network

      • have math coach to align common core with our curriculum

    • Wilson

      • piece of Literacy; decoding

      • have had training in past

        • teachers want to revisit

        • bringing in new teachers

    • Theater Arts

      • Kelli not returning due to school

      • will have replacement for her program

    • Opening new class

      • we have two clusters (art/dance), want ½ cluster – chorale music

      • looking for salaried full time teacher from Dept. of Ed

        • hoping for Mr. Rob, teachers chorus in 3th-5th

      • not working with S’cool Sounds any longer

      • want to keep Miles program so preK/K may have 3rd St. come in

    • Responsive Classroom

      • already committed to summer workshop to train teachers

    • STAR program

      • 4th and 5th peer health education program (sex ed)

      • June 2nd – 4th/5th parents to come in for session

      • assess continuation of program

    • Mighty Miles

      • track program associated with NY Roadrunners K-5

      • free


      • Solar One science program

        • looking into what it would cost.

        • had con ed grant last time – probably can’t get it again

      • Children’s Museum of Arts

        • funding?

      • NY City ballet

      • Technology support

        • Robin brought up to network

        • Question with city city council about getting computers

      • Parent asked about Foreign Language

        • parent came to SLT re: French

        • funding not available to school

        • ACTION: Marcella to look into French Embassy

        • maybe do as after school to test interest

        • question about value of once/week and time in schedule

  • Common Core (CC)  Implementation

    • Math and literacy are Common Core aligned

    • Professional Development surrounding it

    • math test was aligned to CC taught throughout year. Will not change

    • teachers are asking for additional support for CC literacy

  • Staffing for 2014-15

    • Hiring committee assembled

    • New classroom (a second 5th grade class next year)

    • Leslie Soha retiring

    • goal is to have 2 ICT teachers full time in classroom

    • Losing main office for classroom. Office to be split between 2nd and 5th floors

    • parent brought up Interest in parents being trained to help out in classroom

      • ACTION: Robin to ask teachers their thoughts

  • Building

    • started taking down scaffolding

    • staging will be last to leave

    • soundproofing cafeteria update

      • Robin says must go through school construction authority

      • all schools must approve

President report

  • vote to start morning PA meetings next year at 8/8:15am

    • vote approved for 8:15am

    • kids can be dropped off in yard with supervisor

Treasurer Report

  • must vote on new budget for next year

    • $60,000 in expenses

    • small surplus for next year

    • new expenses

      • put in $3000 to support after-school for next year

      • $1500 for Building Centennial with other schools

    • voted on budget – APPROVED


  • Fundraising

    • Stephen Garrelts to chair again

    • grassroots effort to reach out and diversity

  • Class Parent Chair

    • Julie Harwood to take over

  • Green Committee

    • Naumi Feldman to take over

  • Arts in School

    • vacancy with Martha leaving

  • Events

    • James and George to continue

  • Buildings

    • Leighton Mitchell is a maybe

  • Marcella Durand interested to start a Diversity Committee for matters within the school

    • separate from Diversity talks as part of Community Action committee

New Business

  • parents asked if there is any ability to assess dance program

    • many people and children dissatisfied and thought there would be an opportunity for discussion

    • discuss with administration


Next meeting is teacher appreciation on June 18th

Meeting adjourned


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