School Goals

1.  Each student in grades K-5 will develop a portfolio with at least three artifacts of inter-disciplinary learning aligned to the Common Core Standards by the end of the year.  These portfolios will travel with kids from one year to the next, as a way of mapping the trajectory of their learning and celebrating their progress.

2. EVCS will achieve school-wide implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach.  Every teacher in every class, will start the day with Morning Meeting, have quiet time after lunch, end the day with Closing Circle, and use Responsive Classroom “Teacher Language”, including reinforcing language, reminding language and redirecting language. We will conduct parent workshops in the Responsive Classroom approach to foster greater consistency and transparency in our use of the framework.

3.  Every teacher will participate in at least one Lesson Study cycle (Jugyokenkyu).

4.  Teachers in all grade levels will implement routines, structures and curricula that reinforce skills of self-regulation, executive function and Habits of Mind.

5.  EVCS staff and parents will collaborate to improve our school culture of diversity and inclusivity through an effort of outreach, support and advocacy.