A Letter from Robin, October 31, 2013

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Dear Parents,

Fall Ball

The Fall Ball Planning Committee, along with many parent volunteers, did a fantastic job with our annual Fall Ball. Jayne Wexler, James Bromberg, and Julie Endich led the parent troupe of volunteers who cleverly transformed our school into a Halloween cosmos that featured a wild and scary haunted house, lots of fun-filled outdoor games and activities, a cool photo shop and really tasty meals and snacks. Our parent volunteers worked like thoughtful professional event planners. Many, many thanks again to everyone who helped to make this event a smash hit for all.

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Please leave those costumes at home tomorrow! (EVCS Halloween guidelines…)

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Dear Families,

In my email yesterday I neglected to remind/alert everyone about our Halloween day costume policy. For several reasons, we ask that costumes stay at home when Halloween falls on a school day. First, costumes can be very distracting to both the wearer and his/her classmates and can make it hard for teachers to keep the school day running smoothly. Second, not all of our families celebrate Halloween, and some children end up feeling left out or uncomfortable if the majority of their friends come to school in costume. Third, kids who want to dress up at EVCS have a wonderful opportunity to do so each year at the Fall Ball.

We know it can be hard to leave those masks and gowns at home on Halloween morning, but our children will enjoy wearing them just as much after school. And if you plan on taking your child trick-or-treating right after school, he or she can certainly change into a costume here after dismissal time.

With all best wishes,

Mary Talbot
Parent Coordinator
212-982-0682 x4056

This week and beyond at EVCS, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013

Dear Families,

DRILL TOMORROW, WEDS 10/30: I hope all of you have had a chance to read the letter Bradley sent home last week about the lock-down drill that will take place tomorrow in our school building. As he said, it is part of the mandatory set of drills we must do each year to practice procedures we need to know in case of an emergency. As he also wrote, our students have gotten plenty of age-appropriate coaching and reassurance about the fact that this 5-minute exercise is only a practice, and that all children are very safe at school. You are welcome to email either of us with any questions about this (Bradley is bgoodma4@schools.nyc.gov).

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New After School ballet class

For Pre-K, Kindergardeners and First Graders:

Due to high demand, a new After School ballet class will begin on Friday November 1 and run for 14 weeks until February 14.

There are also spaces available immediately in Tuesday’s Little Samurai class for aspiring Ninja’s.

All classes are $22 and run from 3pm to 5pm. (Extended hour care, from 5pm to 6pm is available for an extra fee.) Scholarships available. To enroll please contact Jennifer Domani at afterschool@evcsnyc.org.

After School Committee



When: Thursday October 24 6-7:30pm

Where: Meet in the lobby, where light refreshments will be served

Featured Speaker: Bradley Goodman to discuss recent reforms, curriculum and other topics

Come chat with fellow EVCS families, hear about upcoming events and news at our school and learn about new reform and curriculum in our classrooms from our featured speaker, Bradley Goodman.

Childcare and pizza will be provided. Please emailPAPresident@evcsnyc.org to reserve a spot in childcare.

EVCS Fall Ball Countdown

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Dear Families,

Fall Ball is only a week away!
Saturday, October 26th

after drop in the cafeteria for anyone who would like to stop by.

This party can not be successful without your help so let’s make it a great day for our kids. We need help in ALL areas: Ticket Sales, Set-up, Crafts, Games, Cafe, Haunted House, Feely Table and Trick or Treat Houses. We also need entrees for the cafe! Shifts are available in 60 min increments. If an hour feels too long, split it with someone!

There is still time for you to help if you have not signed up already.

Please Sign up here to sign yourself up to volunteer or to donate something to the Fall Ball.

Entry fee is $5 — but bring a few dollars for “extras,” like the photo booth,
cotton candy, and special crafts!

Lookout for the orange flyers in your backpacks this week for details!
Get busy on your costume and we’ll see you Saturday!

Sign up NOW

The Fall Ball Team

This week and beyond at EVCS, October 16, 2013

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Dear Families,

I regret launching into the week’s newsletter off with this topic, but so be it: lice have set up camp in the school system this fall (as they often do) and we need you to be on the lookout. I know they’re widespread because our lice checkers were booked solid this week, but they will come next Monday, Oct. 21, to follow up on kids who have been treated for lice, and to check as many other children as possible during the day. If you have seen your child scratching his/her head, or your child often plays or spends the night with kids you know have recently had lice, be sure to check his/her hair carefully and let your teacher know if you find lice or nits. I am attaching, again, the lice information letter in case you need some direction for how to do this. Click here to read about lice!

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A letter from Robin, October 15, 2013

Dear Families,

Special Education Reform
The Department of Education has the goal of ensuring that all students are placed in the least restrictive environment that’s academically appropriate. To do this, all schools have teams that manage the range of possibilities within the school that will maximize the opportunities for all students to participate in general education. That said, EVCS is carefully navigating the task of matching students with the appropriate teacher support that they must have to be successful in school.

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PA meeting changed to Thursday October 24 at 6 pm!

PA meeting changed to Thursday October 24 at 6 pm!

Next week’s PA meeting (previously scheduled for Wednesday evening) will now be Thursday evening at 6 pm.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Come hear about what is happening in our school!
Bradley Goodman will be our featured speaker to talk about special education reform, the new math curriculum and (if they are released in time) the DOE Progress Reports.

Childcare and pizza will be provided for EVCS students (free of charge!), as well as light refreshments for parents and caregivers.

Please view last PA meeting notes here.

We look forward to seeing you!


Allison Gordon
EVCS PA Co-President