Few pieces of information…

NEW OFFICE ARRANGEMENTS: A few changes you should know about: first, Robin Williams, our principal, has moved her office back to the second floor–she will be in her old room, 210, just to the left of the Children’s Workshop office.
Bradley Goodman, our assistant principal, will be in Robin’s old 4th floor office, right next to the main office in room 405.
Aurora Fields, our guidance counselor, who was in 210 last year, will now be in Bradley’s former office, room 460.
And, Valerie Preston, our early childhood social worker, who was also in room 210 last year, will be found in the 2nd floor classrooms, and in our main office, room 405. You can always call or email me to get in touch with her.
NEW TEACHERS: We also have two new cluster teachers: Maggie will be teaching art, and Ana will be teaching dance (in place of the Healthy Movements program we’ve had in the past). You will be hearing from both of them this week!
This weekend, one of our incoming parents asked some questions that I realize many of you may be wondering about: so I am including my responses here:
BREAKFAST AT EVCS: All children may take advantage of free breakfast at the school–it is served beginning at 8 a.m. in the school cafeteria, and we have a staff member who supervises our students while they are having breakfast. Our students sit in the east end of the cafeteria (closest to the school yard, furthest from the auditorium).
LUNCH AT EVCS: Starting tomorrow, we will be asking each family to fill out a school lunch eligibility form. You can do it online at applyforlunch.com, which is quick and the most efficient way of doing it. Within a couple of days, the results will indicate whether a student is eligible for free, reduced-price, or full-price lunch. It’s possible that you’ve already received a letter saying your child is eligible for free lunch, too. If a child is eligible for reduced- or full-price lunch, then you would receive a bill at the end of October for the lunches eaten in Sept. and Oct, and then you’d be billed monthly after that. If your child is eligible for free lunch, then of course you would never receive a bill.
Many families prefer to send their children with lunch from home, and many children eat home lunch on certain days of the week, and school lunch on others. As soon as it is available, I will send home the September lunch menu so that you and your child can see what’s cooking.
METROCARDS: We should have our student metrocards tomorrow or soon thereafter–we will give them out as soon as they are delivered to us. If a child lives 1 mile or further from school, and is in grade K or above, she or he is eligible for a metrocard. Children who live between 1/2 and 1 mile from school are eligible for a bus pass, but not a metrocard. Student metrocards and bus passes function Mondays-Fridays. They do not work on weekends.