EVCS Curriculum Nights next week, and another thing…

Dear Families,

Two important topics didn’t make it into yesterday’s letter:

FIRST, CURRICULUM NIGHTS: I refrained from highlighting Curriculum Nights in yesterday’s letter because we were debating a possible postponement in order to have access to the auditorium for the events. We have been told the auditorium will be open to us on Monday, October 7, but to be on the safe side, we are sticking with our original dates. So…

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This week and beyond at EVCS, Sept. 25, 2013

math manipulatives bannerSeptember 25, 2013

Dear Families,

My apologies for the delayed newsletter! It was really impressive encountering so many of you at the PA meeting/New Family Coffee this morning and seeing you throw your hats into the ring for committees and the School Leadership Team. And for those who couldn’t make it, there will be plenty of other chances to be involved in the life of our school, beginning with the Fall Ball, our annual costume party for kids that will take place this year on Saturday, October 26 at the school. Be on the lookout for planning meetings (every Monday morning in the cafeteria) and volunteer sign up sheets.

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Announcing the first EVCS PA Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8:45 in the lobby

  • Welcome to new parents
  • Q&A with Bradley
  • Election of PA secretary
  • Election of SLT members
  • Meet the Committees
  • Fall Ball updates


Book sale will be October 1, 2 and 3 at drop off and pick up. Email Allison if you would like to volunteer to help out. Book donations (gently used books appropriate for our school aged kids) can be brought to the yard (lobby if raining) on Tuesday, October 1.

Weekly Fall Ball meetings starting Monday, Sept. 30 in the cafeteria after drop off. Come get your ghoul on! Email James with questions.

Pick Up for After School

Dear Parents,

We’re sorry for the confusion last week regarding pick up. I am sending you a new list of assigned rooms for our clubs. We’re hoping that these rooms don’t change in the future.

If the club you are looking for is not in the room listed below, it’s because there was construction outside their window and they moved to another available room on the same floor. Please don’t panic. Because of construction, we have to do a bit of improvising with our club program. Do know your child is with their instructor and just search other rooms on the same floor, or find Jen, our Coordinator, who will now be notified by instructors if they switch rooms and will moving forward know where they are.

Thanks so much for your patience as we get underway,


World Music and Art – Art Room
Sports with Kofi – Gym
KidZine – 406
Drum Circle – 403


Little Samurai – Gym
Puppets Come Alive – 201
Circus Beserkis – Dance Studio
Ceramics – Art Room


Little Samurai – Dance Studio
Ballet – Auditorium
Mind Games – 401


Circus Beserkis – Dance Studio
Karate – Gym
Muddy Paw Ceramics – Art Room
Ole Spanish – 404
Advanced Animation – 402


Rainbow Arts – 202
Things That Fly – 204
Science Explorers – 205
Fashion Friday – 407

This week and next at EVCS, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

Dear Families,

I generally try to write just one, semi-coherent newsletter per week–on Tuesdays–but since so many questions, and so much information, is circulating in this first week of school, I’m sending it out in bursts. I’m pretty sure this will not be my last communique between now and Friday…

LUNCH: Right now, I want to give you some (hopefully) helpful information about school lunches and their cost and why it is so important that you fill out the lunch form, either on paper or online. This will also explain all about the payment process. Please click here to read about it. and I’m pasting it below, as well.

WE NEED CLASS PARENTS! I want to encourage anyone who is interested, and has the time, to consider signing up to be a class parent, to help with communication, class projects and fundraising for your child’s class. Click here for a brochure that explains what this vital job can entail, and what other class parents have done in the past.

CALENDAR CHANGE: Note that the new family breakfast will be held Wednesday, Sept. 25, as part of the first general Parent Association meeting of the year, instead of on Sept. 18, as originally scheduled.

FOR PRE-K PARENTS: Next Thursday, Sept. 19, at 8:45 a.m. in the library, join Valerie Preston, our Pre-K social worker, for a lively discussion about adjustment to Pre-K, establishing routines, and age-appropriate expectations—and everything else! Click here to see the flyer.

That’ll do it for this afternoon. Congratulations on getting through the second day of school!

All best,

Mary Talbot
Parent Coordinator
212-982-0682 x4056

School Meal Information, 2013-2014

This year, in accordance with the Department of Education’s policy, the cost of a full price meal will increase to $1.75 (from $1.50). Free and reduced-price lunches are now under one category—they are all free!
• Breakfast is also free.
• Many students are eligible for free meals. A completed School Meals Application enables eligible students to eat lunch for free. Students who are note income-eligible or do not turn in an application will pay $1.75 for lunch. Parents and guardians can return paper applications to Linda in Room 405, or to classroom teachers. Even better, you can apply online NOW at nyc.applyforlunch.com.
• Last year’s lunch forms will remain on file and in effect October 1, 2013. Current application forms must be returned whether your child eats school lunch or not. Simply write N/A on the application or check the “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals” and sign it.

Important Information:
• If you pay for school lunch for your child, you will not receive your first bill until October. Bills will be sent home monthly after that. Payments can be made monthly, or you can pay for the entire year up front if you like (see chart below for cost).
• To make sure that lunch money is not lost, bring payments directly to Linda in 405.
• Put your payment in a sealed envelope. One the envelope, write your child’s name, class, date of payment and the amount you have enclosed in the envelope.
• If you are paying for more than one child, submit each payment in a separate envelope.
• If you are paying by check or money order—which we prefer!!—make it payable to “East Village Community School” and write your child’s name and class on the memo line.
• If you have any questions regarding your application or payment procedures, please see Linda in the office, Room 405.

Below is a chart indicating the cost of lunch for each month and for the FULL YEAR
(if your child takes lunch every day).
We encourage you to pay for the full year in advance, to reduce the monthly billing. We cannot, however, provide refunds in the event a child misses lunches you have paid for in advance. Excess lunch money will go to the “Sponsor-a-Class” fund.”

Month # of Days Lunch Full Price
September 2013 16 28.00
October 2013 22 38.50
November 2013 17 29.75
December 2013 15 26.25
January 2014 21 36.75
February 2014 15 26.25
March 2014 21 36.75
April 2014 15 26.25
May 2014 21 36.75
June 2014 19 33.25
Annual Total 182 days $318.50

School Meals FAQs

Q. Should I return an application even if I am NOT eligible for free or reduced-price meals?
A. Yes! The application is also used to determine the amount of State funding our schools receive for supplies such as books, classroom furniture and other resources. If you feel that you are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals then check the box next to the statement I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals at the top of the form and return it to your schools to help ensure adequate funding to your school!

Q. Why should I complete the School Meals Application?
A. Completed applications allow students from eligible households to receive free or reduced-price meals throughout the school year. For parents with busy schedules, the School Breakfast Program provides a great option. Encourage your children to take advantage of the benefits of eating breakfast free of charge in school each day. Completed applications enable many students to eat lunch for free or for 25. Students who do not return an application or who are not income-eligible will pay $1.50. Be sure to complete an application!

Q. Do I need to fill out an application for each child?
A. No. You need to complete only one application per household for all students attending the same school. If there are children in multiple schools living in the household, an application must be filed in all schools. A separate Application must be filed for each foster child since they are each considered a household of one.

Q. How do I know if my household is eligible for free or reduced-price meals??
A. Parents or guardians should complete the School Meals Application sent home at the beginning of each school year and return the form promptly to the school. The school will send you a letter informing you of your eligibility once it has been determined, based on the household size and gross income. Your child is eligible for free meals if your household income falls within the free limits of the Federal Income Guidelines. Children in households receiving Food Stamps or TANF and most foster children are eligible for free meals regardless of income. Each foster child must be listed on a separate application.

Q. If I don’t have a Social Security number can I still complete an application?
A. Yes. Complete the application and write the word NONE in the space provided.

Q. Will other government agencies see my completed application?
A. No. Completed applications are confidential.

Q. What if my household receives Food Stamps, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families?
A. You should receive a Direct Certification letter, listing the names of school age children in your household, from The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. When you take or mail this letter to your child’s school, he or she will be eligible for free school meals. If you do not receive a Direct Certification letter in the mail, you should complete the School Meals Application and provide your Food Stamp or FDPIR/TANF case number that is on the benefit letter that was sent to you. Your child will then be eligible for free school meals.

Q. If I don’t qualify now, may I apply later?
A. Yes. You may apply at any time during the school year if your household size goes up, income goes down, or if you start getting Food Stamps, TANF or other benefits. If you lose your job or are temporarily disabled, your children may be able to get free or reduced-price meals.

Q. If I have a question about the status of my online application or if my child qualified for free meals, who should I call.
A. Families and schools can call the SchoolFood Help Desk for assistance with paper or online applications or questions about eligibility.
Call (718) 707-4400 or send email to foodcompliance@schools.nyc.gov.

Few pieces of information…

NEW OFFICE ARRANGEMENTS: A few changes you should know about: first, Robin Williams, our principal, has moved her office back to the second floor–she will be in her old room, 210, just to the left of the Children’s Workshop office.
Bradley Goodman, our assistant principal, will be in Robin’s old 4th floor office, right next to the main office in room 405.
Aurora Fields, our guidance counselor, who was in 210 last year, will now be in Bradley’s former office, room 460.
And, Valerie Preston, our early childhood social worker, who was also in room 210 last year, will be found in the 2nd floor classrooms, and in our main office, room 405. You can always call or email me to get in touch with her.
NEW TEACHERS: We also have two new cluster teachers: Maggie will be teaching art, and Ana will be teaching dance (in place of the Healthy Movements program we’ve had in the past). You will be hearing from both of them this week!
This weekend, one of our incoming parents asked some questions that I realize many of you may be wondering about: so I am including my responses here:
BREAKFAST AT EVCS: All children may take advantage of free breakfast at the school–it is served beginning at 8 a.m. in the school cafeteria, and we have a staff member who supervises our students while they are having breakfast. Our students sit in the east end of the cafeteria (closest to the school yard, furthest from the auditorium).
LUNCH AT EVCS: Starting tomorrow, we will be asking each family to fill out a school lunch eligibility form. You can do it online at applyforlunch.com, which is quick and the most efficient way of doing it. Within a couple of days, the results will indicate whether a student is eligible for free, reduced-price, or full-price lunch. It’s possible that you’ve already received a letter saying your child is eligible for free lunch, too. If a child is eligible for reduced- or full-price lunch, then you would receive a bill at the end of October for the lunches eaten in Sept. and Oct, and then you’d be billed monthly after that. If your child is eligible for free lunch, then of course you would never receive a bill.
Many families prefer to send their children with lunch from home, and many children eat home lunch on certain days of the week, and school lunch on others. As soon as it is available, I will send home the September lunch menu so that you and your child can see what’s cooking.
METROCARDS: We should have our student metrocards tomorrow or soon thereafter–we will give them out as soon as they are delivered to us. If a child lives 1 mile or further from school, and is in grade K or above, she or he is eligible for a metrocard. Children who live between 1/2 and 1 mile from school are eligible for a bus pass, but not a metrocard. Student metrocards and bus passes function Mondays-Fridays. They do not work on weekends.