Congratulations to our new PA officers for 2013-14

Moira Brennan & Allison Gordon, co-presidents
Matt Blank, secretary
Tricia Davies, treasurer

Thank you for everyone who showed up to participate yesterday morning for the officer elections and discussion & vote on the preliminary budget for next year.

Here are the full notes from our meeting:

Principal’s report

  • This Friday is the school budget review; soon after Robin will have a better idea what the 2013-14 budget will look like.
    Should be two full teacher vacancies; plus EVCS may be eligible for additional half cluster (a cluster is the activity that students leave their class for, like Healthy Movements and Art; currently Drama with Kelli is a half cluster)
  • SLT (School Leadership Team) is in process of deciding how to arrange clusters. Will there be a science cluster? Bring foreign language back in more formal way?
  • Third grade field tests are coming up — these are tests that count for nothing for school or student, they help the testing company gather data to create next year’s test. Parents may opt-out with no repercussions.
  • Robin has put her name to a letter from school admins to DOE complaining about the quality of the tests just completed. (Moira notes that the PA will be establishing a full committee to help parents understand their options regarding testing.)


  • With two candidates for Secretary withdrawing, all positions were uncontested and approved by show of hands.
  • Moira Brennan & Allison Gordon were elected co-presidents
  • Matt Blank was elected secretary
  • Tricia Davies was re-elected treasurer.
  • New officers begin their term July 1. Current officers will now help with transition.
  • Anyone intersted in chairing or joining a PA committee should contact Existing committees are Buildings & Facilities, Class Parents, Communications, Community Action, Events, Fundraising, Green & Food.

PA Budget

  • A preliminary 2013-14 PA budget is required to be approved before the end of the school year. Since certain school budget issues will become clear only over the summer, the PA will have a chance to approve a revised budget in September.
  • Kelli next year will no longer be affiliated with Phoenix Theater, so she will be paid directly at the same rate as this year.
  • The administration would like Kelli to document her curriculum, and has asked the PA to pay for this one-time cost of $8,400. Given that there has been little time to discuss the merits of that outlay, a motion to remove that expense from our preliminary budget was approved.
  • Another additional expense would be for a 5th grade peer education program focused on social relations, sexual awareness, bullying, etc. This program has been requested by many parents and talked about at several PA meetings. The exact cost of the program is still to be determined, but the PA approved $5,000 to be allocated.
  • As amended, the preliminary budget shows expenses of $63,885. Approved by show of hands.

After-school Budget

  • The after-school program is run through the PA, but since all expenses are paid for by fees instead of donations, we show this budget separately.
  • The new budget shows an increase in fees from $10/hr to $11/hr.
  • Program director and coordinator salaries are increased, but still $12,000 below average compensation.
  • With small changes to the fee structure, the program should be sustainable. This semester, 120 students participated, 20% of whom were on full scholarship. Compared to last year’s Oasis program, which never had more than 20 students participating, the PA after-school program definitely has support.
  • Next year, program will be able to start at the very start of school, instead of needing a month to get going.
  • After-school budget was approved by a show of hands.

Next (and last) meeting: Wednesday, June 19 at 6:00 pm.