PA Meeting Notes: March 20

Should have gotten this out right away, but you know how it is? More after the jump …

Nominating committee

  • James volunteers. We need at least one more parent who is not currently on the PA Exec committee and not interested in running for an office. This committee is responsible for recruiting candidates for president, treasurer, and secretary. Vice-president is also an option, and two people can run together as co-presidents.

Principal’s Report

  • Campos visits by Velda going well — very well received by staff there, and we have another person from EVCS staff with Velda for these excursions.

  • Shelter and lockdown drills will be taking place at school — first lockdown drill is this Friday

  • Test prep is underway, tests start after the break

  • SLT is reviewing programs for next year; will be sending out a survey to parents and students to get a reading on which programs are working.

  • Elizabeth: There has been not-great feedback to the violin program for grades 3-5, but that program gives us access to the MILES program at 3rd Street Music. There has been some parent input requesting a return of foreign language. And since the PA does help pay for these programs, parent input is encouraged.

  • Adam: 3rd Street does not actually recommend a violin program the way we do it here; that choice has been ours, partly because of the investment we made in violins. But there may be a better program (chorus?) for us, and the violins could either be incorporated into a smaller, more effective after-school program … or sold.

Treasurer’s Report

  • We are completely on track for this year; in fact, we will bring in app. $3k more in family contributions, and we are $1,500 under on expenses. So we’re doing very well.

  • Allison: $600 from book sale (!) Can we do this again? With popcorn? Every week? Every month?

  • Gala has $3500 – $4500 to spend on expenses

Green Committee

  • Applied for another grant on composting; in about a year or two it will be mandated, so we are training our kids.

  • Garbage audit: go through the garbage to see how much is food waste: 70%! Our cafeteria throws out 10 bags a day, this will go down to 3 when we are fully composting. You can do this at home!


  • Packets have gone home

  • There are prizes for kids!

  • 10% of what every class earns will go back to the class sponsor-a-classroom, so hopefully teachers will encourage the kids to participate.


  • At Shoot Digital, May 4: live music, dance performance!

  • Any booze sponsorship? That would be huge, really helpful.


  • 43% of student body is participating

  • 22% of students are full scholarship, families who would not normally be able to participate in a program like this

  • For spring semester, we were much stricter about under-subscribed clubs, so the program has been able to keep more to budget.

  • A lot of work over the summer to make sure that the program is set to go first day of school.

  • On-site Program Coordinator plus Program Director — $55,000 NYC average. We’ve budgeted only $21,000 for those two jobs this year. We need to increase that, combined salary to $45,000

  • So how do we increase our revenue to cover this? We think enrollment will increase as more families are familiar to our program. Also EVCS will have one more class next year, which helps. We also think we need to increase cost from $10 to $11/hr

101st Anniversary

  • All 3 schools met, decided to set up a non-profit specifically to collect funds for this

  • Article in Town & Village: got us the 1921 graduating class … first graduating class; Jason is going to get the photo repaired, re-printed, and then hang it in the lobby

  • June 7, 2014 Jubilee — maybe closing the street; cross-programming at all 3 schools; case in the lobby with memorabilia;

  • — outreach to social media, try to pull together alumni (there may be an existing alumni group)

Big Ideas

  • In the lobby: suggest a big idea, vote on them, staff, students, parents for all 3 schools. Camille is going to put this up.

  • Design prize $1000 for how to make our construction school look better. Low-line? Parsons? Architects? Jeremy to put together a plan.

Other things:

  • Fill out your school surveys!

  • 12:1:1 class is doing plant-growing in their class. Does anyone have plants that you can bring in clippings? Bring to Kelli or Christine.