Your help … and your money

From Moira, our indefatigable fundraising chair:

Dear EVCS Parents and Families,

I’m about to ask for your help, and for your money.

But before I do, I want to update you on the phenomenal success of our PA fundraising efforts to date, and to loudly and clearly thank you!

  • With your cash donations and pledges, we have reached our goal for family contributions
  • We also nailed our goal for the Fall Ball
  • We exceeded our goal for the Jubilee and
  • We are on budget, and on target for reaching our year-end goals.

As always, your generosity and engagement are what make this all possible. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Spring Gala — May 4

Now we’re in the homestretch with our biggest fundraising event coming right up, and we need your help on two fronts:

1. Planning committee volunteers

The Spring Gala needs hands! Can we borrow yours? You can help with decor, set up, clean up, food, sound, lights and more. To volunteer, please go to and select a task. Julie Endich will contact you once you’ve signed up.

2. Solicitation and/or donation of auction items

The Gala silent auction is the centerpiece of the event (with the exception of Bradley’s pole dance, which – rest assured – is on!). It typically raises around $10,000, or roughly 20 percent of the total PA budget … a fair chunk. To achieve this, we need your help soliciting items of value. And, not to be crass, but the higher the value, the better.

Think about your friends and neighbors…
As Kevin Bacon taught us, you are probably no more than six degrees away from some universally adored person, place or thing that could be a hot ticket in the auction. Identify who or what that might be and then, if you feel comfortable asking, go for it!

Think about yourself…
Even better — are you a universally adored person, place or thing? Can you donate an item or service of value? We especially love auction items that come directly from the hands and hearts of our own community members.

Think about The Man…
Would you employ your proven charm and obvious beauty to make a cold solicitation from a corporation or major established business? Many have entire departments set up to deal with these kinds of requests. The Man is literally waiting for your call!

We are open to all your ideas. Here are a few general categories to inspire:

  • Extraordinary Experiences A walk-on in a Broadway show! Barefoot grape stomping in Napa! Survivalist boot camp! A sail on New York Harbor, or any harbor!
  • The Body/Mind Bliss Spa packages! Surf lessons! Meditation retreat! Herbal-remedy immersion (I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds awesome!)
  • Kid Focused Birthday-party packages! A week or two of Lego camp! Sleepover party at a museum! A visit from a magician just for you!
  • Family Friendly Tour of the White House! Yankees tickets (yeah!)! Mets tickets (boo!)! Tickets to Cirque du Soleil!
  • Beauty and Fashion Outrageously priced age-defying face cream! Finely tailored designer togs! Those shoes! Yes, those ones…!
  • Food/Wine Romantic dinner for two! Bottomless ice cream cone! Wine-bar gift certificate! A CSA membership!
  • Services Life coaching sessions! Financial planning! House cleaning! Babysitting gift certificates!

And whatever else you can think of that sounds thrilling and auctionable…

Solicitation Forms
Please see attached letter and donor form, which provide you with all the info you need. If you have questions, email me at with AUCTION QUESTION in the subject line.

That’s it!
With your friends, your talent, and your willingness to ask total strangers for freebies, the Gala will be a big success and our fundraising year will close out with wins across the board.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Moira Brennan
EVCS PA Fundraising Chair

Gala Donor Form for Download

EVCS Gala_DONOR FORM_2013If you can help get items/services/etc to be auctioned at our Gala in May — thank you! You should download this letter and donor form; the letter helps explain what you are doing and why; the donor form should be filled out by the donor or solicitor (that’s you) and returned with the item being donated (when applicable) to Moira Brennan, or email to

Questions about the 2013 Parent Survey

First of all, many thanks to those of you who have already filled out your parent survey–a high rate of return on these surveys has a real impact on our school’s annual “Progress Report,” and gives us a lot of information about where things at EVCS are working well, and where they need improvement.

RIGHT SURVEY, WRONG LETTER: A few of you have brought to my attention the fact that the letter accompanying the survey is directed to parents of 6th-12th grades students! Indeed, the wrong letter was appended to our schools’ surveys. But the survey honchos at the DOE have informed us that the survey is the same for all schools, regardless of the grade level. So as long as your child’s name is on the survey material, please go ahead and fill it out!

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Book Drive Tomorrow — Friday, March 15

Book Drive Tomorrow — Friday March 15

We invite you to donate gently used books for ages 4-11 (no baby books, please, but age-appropriate board books ok).

Collection in yard and lobby at drop-off and pick-up.

Book Sale begins Monday, March 18.

All donated books will be on sale in front of lobby doors.

$1 paperbacks
$2 hardcover

Come get great books at a great price and support the EVCS Parent Association.

The Read-a-thon is coming!

octopus_ver4March 18 – April 19

Look for materials in your child’s backpack on Monday, March 18.

Upcoming safety drills

We will be running two different types of safety drills in our building over the next week and a half. We want you to be aware of what will happen so you can help answer questions or allay concerns your children might have. This Thursday afternoon (3/14) we will run a “Shelter-in” drill, and next Friday (3/22) we will run a “lockdown” drill.

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This week and next at EVCS, March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013

Dear Families,

EVCS READ-A-THON! The kick-off for the EVCS Read-a-thon is this coming Monday, March 18. Every child in our school will be given a packet containing an explanation letter, a sponsor sheet/reading log, a bookmark, some stickers, etc.

BOOK SALE! Got great kids’ books you’d like to get out of your apartment? This Friday, March 15, you can drop off your donations of gently used books for kids ages 4 to 11 in the yard and lobby. Please, no baby books, board books, or books for adults. Books will be for sale ($1 for paperbacks, $2 for hardbacks) next Monday, Tuesday and Weds (3/18-20). All proceeds will go to enrichment programs funded by the EVCS PA.

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100th Anniversary planning meeting: Tuesday after drop-off at Ost

The 100th Anniversary of our school’s building offers lots of opportunities to celebrate and learn, connecting our families to the many who have come through these halls before us.

Tuesday meet with reps from all three schools to discuss:

  • Hanging the 1921 class picture
  • Getting a police permit
  • PS61 Research
  • Benefit concert

This Tuesday after drop-off at Ost Cafe (12th and A). Everyone is invited. If you have any questions, call Jason McDonald at 646-298-9292.