February Construction Update

Regarding the construction taking place next door:

Site developer Jared Lustbader made sure that the trash along the Avenue A safety barriers was removed as soon as they were back on the job. We are also eagerly awaiting the return of our sidewalk, which the Avenue B construction site is temporarily using to store equipment until just after February break. He also assures us that the worst of the vibration and noise has come to a close with the most recent stage of pile installation having been completed (as of 1:00 PM on January 30th). Robin requested that any future noisy work be completed as close to 3:00 PM as possible. Meanwhile, excavation and foundation work should commence during the early part of the week of February 4th. Meanwhile and on behalf of EVCS parents, an explicit request for a community meeting was made to Mr. Lustbader in the hopes that any issues arising going forward can be addressed as quickly as possible.