Parent Needed to Join School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a committee of school administrators, staff, and parents tasked with creating and evaluating EVCS curriculum and educational goals. The SLT writes and revises school policy, cooperatively plans the school year, and co-writes the Comprehensive Education Plan at the end of each year, among other projects.

As a member of the SLT, you help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement. You also serve as a voice for the different members of our school community to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of our students. You help to shape the educational goals of our school, and are responsible for communicating SLT business to the entire parent body.

If you are interested in what our children learn in the classroom, serving on the SLT may be the most impactful thing you can do at EVCS.

The SLT meets on the last Thursday of every month from 3:30-5:30pm. All discussions within the SLT are confidential. There is a small stipend of $200 from the DOE for serving on the SLT.

If you are interested in the position, please email Elizabeth Puccini at

The rest of this week, and more, at EVCS Sept. 27, 2012

Dear Families,

I hope everyone was refreshed by the midweek day off, and the cooler, fall weather. We’ve got a lot going on in the next month, so without further delay, here’s what’s up:

CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE EVCS OCTOBER CALENDAR (all the dates on the printable calendar are also on the PA website google calendar–visit to link to that version)

We look forward to seeing the parents of 2nd through 4th grade students next Wednesday, Oct. 3, and the parents of PreK through 1st graders the following evening, Thursday, Oct. 4 (Mike and Victoria’s 5th grade parents, and Lenore and Leslie’s 2nd grade parents, will meet on Oct. 4 as well).

Childcare will be available for EVCS students only (sorry–we cannot accommodate younger siblings!) and we are asking for $5 per child to help cover the cost of childcare providers. In order to use the childcare, you MUST fill out the attached request form and return it with payment to your teacher by the end of the day, Monday, Oct. 1 to reserve a spot. We will only hire as many childcare providers as is necessary based on your responses. If you show up on curriculum night with a child who has not been signed up, s/he will not be able to use the childcare, for safety and insurance reasons. Click here to download the sign-up sheet.

A number of families have asked for further information about the asbestos abatement portion of the construction work that will be undertaken in our building. Robin and Bradley have participated in many meetings with the School Construction Authority (SCA), where the protocols for asbestos removal have been explained and they are confident that The measures taken by the SCA employees and consults actually exceed in stringency the federal regulations for asbestos removal safety, and there are numerous phases of clean-up and testing that take place after each removal session. The test results will be made public when we have them. All removal takes place when no staff or children are in the building–that is, AFTER the after school programs are dismissed.

That said, this is a 100-year-old building, and like all old buildings in the city, it contains materials such as asbestos and lead paint that are now known to be hazardous, and they must be removed. Many other local schools have gone through the same process, including the Neighborhood School. If you have further questions about the process and safety measures involved in the building renovation, please call the project manager who wrote the letter I sent out last week: Michael Mirisola at (718) 472-8082 or email him at MICHAELMIRISOLA@SCA.ORG.

One of these days, it will rain, and we want to remind everyone of drop up and pick up procedures: unless you must drop off your child early for breakfast in the cafeteria, please try to arrive no earlier than 8:25 a.m. on rainy days as there is not much space for congregating and children will be going directly to class.

* PreK and K students:
Students will be dropped off and picked up from their classrooms as usual.

* First and second graders:
AM drop off: Students may go up to their rooms unaccompanied or with a family member at 8:30 a.m.
PM pick up: Students may be picked up from the east end of the cafeteria (closest to the school yard).

* Third through fifth graders:
AM drop off: Students will go directly to their classrooms via “Stairway A,” the staircase closest to the school yard at 8:30 a.m.
PM pick up: Students may be picked up from classrooms or leave on their own if the school has been given written permission allowing them to do so.

Oct 1 is the first day of the new EVCS Parent Association-organized after school clubs. If you have any questions about the schedule or your child’s registration, please email

Some of you have been contacted by your child’s teacher about extended day extra help sessions. If you have any questions about whether your child should attend, please contact your teacher directly.



Stay tuned for picture day forms. Second-5th graders will be photographed on Oct 17, Prek-1st graders on Oct 18.

That’s probably enough to take in for now. Call or email with any questions. With all best wishes,

Mary Talbot
Parent Coordinator
212-982-0682 x4056

Volunteer for the Fall Ball — Meeting on Thursday at 8:40

Please join the Events Committee for the Fall Ball kick-off meeting on Thursday, September 27 at 8:40 right after drop-off in the school lobby.

The Fall Ball will be held Saturday, October 27th from 2pm to 6pm at EVCS. It is a big Halloween costume party for everyone — and the most awesome school community event of the year.

We have exactly 30 days to pull this off so we need your help!

We have committees for the haunted house, games, crafts, food, and other fun activities … now we need you.

If you can’t make the meeting, sign up to join one of the Fall Ball teams. You can help sell tickets, dress up like a zombie, bake brownies, help kids with spooky arts & crafts, set up the raffle table — and so much more! (And you get extra credit if you sign up for the Clean Up Team.)

If you want to help but aren’t sure how, just add your name below or email Jayne Wexler and James Bromberg at

Hope to see you Thursday morning,
Jayne and James

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Fall Ball will be held at EVCS

The events committee reports that Fall Ball will be held at the school, despite the ongoing work in the auditorium. We’ll be able to use the lobby and cafeteria as usual, and will have the passageway between them available to get back and forth. In addition, we’ll probably be able to set up some pop-up tents outside (as long as we don’t have another snow storm like last year!).

Because of the auditorium construction, the events committee had been researching other locations in the neighborhood, any one of which would have cost money and cut into our ability to actually raise money from the Fall Ball. Also, it’s wonderful for our kids to have fun, memorable events at the school. So good news all around.

Mark your calendars: Saturday, October 27 — Fall Ball!

Reminder: PA Meeting in the Morning

Right after drop-off, please join us in the school lobby for the first PA meeting of the year. We’ll be discussing the upcoming construction headache, after-school clubs, and we’ll be voting on the revised budget for the 2012-13 school year.

Of course you’ll also get to meet all the committee chairs and get the chance to add your name to their lists. We’ll also have bagels and coffee, and it may amuse you to watch grown-ups struggle with the lousy acoustics of our old building’s first floor.

Join us!

Construction Update from Robin

Dear EVCS Families,

Phew, I’m really pleased to say that our first seven days of school have gone off without a hitch. Well, yes, there were a few separation tears in our PreK and K classes but overall, children are happily engaged in helping their teachers build a new classroom community. The activities of our morning meetings, for instance, serve the purpose of helping children to understand and learn more about each other as they take on responsibility and reflect on their actions. This is one of the many classroom routines that teachers build into the daily schedule to shape and influence a positive class community. Morning meetings are a wonderful part of the day—be sure to ask your child about their morning activities.

I’m shifting gears now and moving into an issue that affects the entire school community…here is the update on the construction project that will ultimately improve our school building: Beginning next week and over the course of the next two years, our morning arrival and dismissal procedures will change dramatically as we will soon lose a sizable amount of space in the school yard to accommodate construction machinery, materials and vehicles that are necessary to complete the work. For the duration of this project, the gated area for parking at the east end of the schoolyard will be removed and used as an entrance into the yard. The jungle gym will also be closed off and inaccessible. Therefore, to address the reduced space issue, beginning Wednesday, September 19th, we will not have a morning recess or play time and the schoolyard will be restricted to ‘morning drop off’ for families.

At EVCS, we have always encouraged students to move about freely in the yard because we know the deep value of physical activity–it energizes children, helps them ease into a focused mindset in the classroom and stimulates cognitive development. To offset this loss of morning movement, I encourage parents to consider the following ideas that may be helpful for starting the day. Before coming to school:
• Avoid short cuts and take the longer route to school
• Spend time in the park
• Jog, scooter, bike or skip to school

Prek and K arrival will continue as it has been, with children going directly to their classes. Students in grades 1-5 should arrive at 8:25 and they must line up and wait for the classroom teacher. Fourth and fifth graders will no longer meet their teachers in the “Tree of Knowing Garden” as it can no longer be used as a gathering place. Teachers will arrive in the yard at 8:30 to escort classes into the building.

We are a community that works together to make things better. I want you all to know that we recognize how disruptive these changes are to the socializing and community-building that has historically taken place when we gather for drop off and pick up in the yard. The staff feels the absence of this, just as we know you do. As soon as possible, we will have the yard restored for our use. And in the meantime, we will be working on alternative ways of being together and interacting as the strong community we are. Thanks in advance for your understanding as we all face the challenge of the building renovation for our school.


Robin Williams, Principal