Picnic photos

Jayne Wexler took a whole mess o’ photos at the school picnic:

Face painting was just the beginning — take a look at them all.

Join Us for Graduation Breakfast

Please join us for a graduation breakfast in celebration of our fifth grade students and families. There will be bagels, coffee and tea served in the lobby Wednesday morning after drop-off. Graduation begins at 9:30.

Congratulations to our fifth-grade students and families!

Wednesday: Raise a Glass to Our Teachers

Do we really need another parent association meeting the last week of school?

If it’s to celebrate our teachers and thank them for all the tremendous work they’ve done this year with our children, YES!

Please join us this Wednesday at 6pm at the 11th Street Bar (between Aves. A & B) to toast our amazing teaching staff and thank them for everything they do.

Free childcare and pizza will be provided at the school from 5:30-8:00pm (just as if we were having a real meeting).

So drop off the kids, come join us at the 11th Street Bar, and raise a glass to our teachers.

Hope to see you there!

Drop-off time-lapse

Super-cool time-lapse from Larry Bercow, filmed two weeks ago before, during, and after the school photo was taken in the schoolyard:

If you didn’t get it at the picnic last week, the photo will be on sale for $15 at drop-off and at graduation next week.

Pearson Protest Recap

The Wall Street Journal, Schoolbook, the Daily News, and others report on yesterday’s Field Trip Against Field Tests at Pearson HQ in midtown.

There was also a statement issued from Pearson, noting that field tests are required by their contract with New York State.