Wednesday at 6pm: Talk on Standardized Testing in Progressive Schools

Next Wednesday evening, EVCS is hosting a community talk on the implications of standardized testing in progressive learning communities.

Facilitated by Professor Celia Oyler, PhD, head of the Inclusive Elementary Education Department at Teachers College, Columbia University, the meeting will explore the political landscape of public education in the age of No Child Left Behind.

Standardized tests and core curriculum requirements will continue to become more pervasive throughout public schools across the country. In addition to our children’s promotion and middle school options, school and teacher evaluations are now tied heavily to the results of these tests. How does EVCS continue to provide a more thoughtful curriculum when the state is demanding conformity?

The meeting will take place in the auditorium, 6pm – 8pm. Pizza and childcare will be available — please email Mary Talbot to RSVP for these services.