New PA Officers Elected

This morning’s meeting was well attended. New officers were elected and a preliminary budget was approved for the 2012-13 school year.

President: Elizabeth Puccini

Vice President: Camille Marlow

Secretary: Jeremy Sherber

Treasurer: Tricia Davies

Thanks very much to the other candidates, who of course will be strongly encouraged to remain involved in other ways.

The PA is required to approve a budget during its May meeting, which is a little silly because the school budget has not yet been finalized and several curriculum decisions have not yet been decided on, so our budget is very preliminary. Essentially, expected costs and income from this past school year were moved across to next year with a 7-10% increase representing the addition of a third grade class and expected increases in some programs. We are estimating a larger increase for the InFlight program based on initial recommendations from the administration about expanding that program. But changes to this budget will certainly be made over the summer and presented again to parents for approval in September.

With that said, you can review the budget that was approved this morning.