¡Muchas Gracias!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Saturday’s EVCS ¡Fiesta de Cinco de Mayo!

We raised over $13,000 for our children’s enrichment programs and we had a heck of a good time doing it!

The depth and generosity of parent engagement is what puts the “community” in EVCS and there is a long list of people to thank!

  • Thank you to the more than 150 parents, faculty and staff who showed up to support our school and celebrate in style!
  • Thank you to the dozens of folks who solicited and/or donated so many deluxe items, making this year’s silent auction a near contact sport!
  • Thank you to Randi and Martin Mitev who made it possible for us to be in such an elegant and spacious location!
  • Thank you to Julia Melillo for the eye-catching invitations!
  • Thank you to Beatrice Dupire and Tazeen Khan for transforming the space into a Mexican ¡Fiesta! wonderland!
  • Thank you to Tony Everett whose masterful DJ skills set the perfect mood and helped us bailar toda la noche!
  • Thank you to Maria Rosenblum who plied the masses with margaritas for many hours!
  • Thank you to James and Ron Bromberg for donating the thirst-quenching beer, and hauling it all the way from Brooklyn, too!
  • Thank you to Mary Talbot for more than we could ever say — but for now, we thank her for organizing and overseeing the silent auction with precision and panache!
  • Thank you to our indefatigable PA president Martha Kessler for overseeing (and setting up, and serving, and breaking down!) the scrumptious Mexican dinner!
  • Thank you to the other members of Parent Association Executive Committee who supported the effort in innumerable ways, with a special shout out to Jeremy Sherber for making sure our many email blasts found their way to you quickly and accurately! (You’re very welcome … and thank you! -Js.)
  • Thank you to Hunter Kariher for his uncannily cheerful willingness to do just about anything we asked – far too much than we could list!
  • Thank you to the anonymous band of hyper-talented Pre-K parents who supplied a bountiful table of desserts!
  • Thank you to Alfonso Mogaburo Cid,Tami Essen, Luis Guzman, Teresa Seemann,Virsile Nedd, Eddie Fitzgerald, Nadine Harstein, Tricia McGuire, and Ned Eisenberg, as well as numerous others who helped set-up or clean-up or pitched in with a hand here and there as the party raged on.
  • Thank you to everyone whom we, in our post-fiesta delirium, are forgetting to thank!

We are grateful to be part of such a dynamic and soulful community of families and educators! The glory of our alliance was on full display Saturday night and all that’s left to say is ¡Viva EVCS!

Jayne and Moira
PA Events Committee