Two Weeks Left for EVCS Read-a-thon

This week Allison Gordon dropped by all the classrooms to see how everyone is doing with the Read-a-thon. She was thrilled with the enthusiastic responses from students who are reading and getting sponsors!

From Family Contributions to Read-a-thon pledges, Fall Ball ticket sales to Spring Gala auctions, EVCS parents are being asked this year to raise a lot of money for our small school — more than ever before. If you’re wondering what it’s all for, the short answer is that nearly all of the PA budget goes to pay for enrichment programs that the school budget no longer covers: music, Spanish language, and theater arts. If it weren’t for parents providing all or most of the funding for these classes, they simply would not be available to our children. (You can read more about these programs on our website.)

If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, please take a few minutes this weekend to go through the Read-a-thon materials with your child, and help them ask friends, family members, and neighbors to support our school. And since they are all probably reading every day, just remind them (or help them) keep track of their books or reading hours on the sponsor sheet.

There are just 2 more weeks in March — so let’s get our children excited about reading and about helping to raise money for programs that they love in school!