Read-A-Thon Sponsor Sheet Coming Home Today

Today your child will be coming home with the materials for the Read-A-Thon. Please be on the lookout for these and help your child find a safe place to keep the octopus sponsor sheet and the envelope for collecting donations. You’ll find instructions for the Read-A-Thon on the back of the sponsor sheet — and at the bottom of this post.

Also, inside the envelope you will find a bookmark and stickers to help reinforce your child’s progress. And remember, this fundraiser will go directly to the EVCS Parent Association to help pay for Music, Spanish, and Theater.

Happy reading!

What is a Read-A-Thon?

  • During the month of March your child will read 10 books (for Pre-K to 2nd Grade) or for 10 hours (for 3rd to 5th grade) and record it on the Octopus sponsor sheet.
  • Students will try to find sponsors to donate $1 per book / hour, which equals $10 from each sponsor. The sponsor will sign one arm of the Octopus. Try to fill all 8 arms! (Ask your child’s teacher for more Octopuses if you have more than 8 sponsors).

How can you help your child?

  • Go to the library — have reading time there or take books home.
  • Encourage your child to read a little bit every day.
  • Help your child ask relatives, neighbors, work colleagues, friends, local businesses, etc. to be sponsors.
  • Explain to your child that we are raising money for Drama, Spanish and Music in school.
  • Please use the envelope you received to save the money your child collects.
  • Inside the envelope, you will find a bookmark and stickers. Please reward your child with a sticker on his/her bookmark for every book/hour completed.

Money and octopus sponsor sheets will be collected at the end of March.