Food Committee Meeting: Tuesday 1/24 at 8:45 am

Are you concerned about what your child eats at lunchtime? Do you want the best possible food served from our school’s cafeteria?

Then join the food committee! Their next meeting is Tuesday, January 24, right after drop-off in the lunchroom.

Our school has fought hard to improve the food in our cafeteria. We need your support to continue to make our school a healthy learning environment for our children! Here’s what our nutrition committee has accomplished so far:

  • We have a salad bar offering fresh vegetables every day to our students.
  • Flavored milk and ground beef are no longer served at our school.
  • After two years of pestering the DOE, our bread is finally whole wheat.
  • We have Meatless Mondays when freshly cooked vegetarian items are served to our students.
  • Our cafeteria is Styrofoam-free. Sugar-cane trays and paper boats are used to serve food instead.

Now the committee is planning to introduce some new Meatless Monday meals freshly cooked by our kitchen staff, and they need parents’ help to encourage kids to eat the main course option on Mondays. (Next Monday’s hummus will be sampled this Friday, so that students will have a chance to get used to food that may be unfamiliar.)

Please come to the meeting on Tuesday or volunteer to help serve the hummus samples on Friday. (Contact Vanessa Solomon at if you can’t make the meeting but would still like to participate.)

SLT Meeting: Tuesday 1/24 at 3:30pm

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a committee of school administration, staff, and parents tasked with creating and evaluating EVCS curriculum and educational goals.

The SLT writes and revises school policy, cooperatively plans the school year, and co-writes the Comprehensive Education Plan at the end of each year, among other projects. The parents on the SLT are responsible for communicating SLT business to the entire parent body and reporting back to the SLT.

Meetings are open to all parents. The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 24 at 3:30pm in Roberta’s room on the 4th floor.

Ongoing Building Negotiations

The PA Executive Committee met yesterday morning and received an update from Robin about allocation of classrooms in our building. The DOE’s survey last fall determined that classroom space is not being equitably distributed among the three schools that share space in our building. In addition, EVCS is poised to add three classes over the next three years as the upper grades expand to two classes each. After EVCS rejection of the DOE’s proposed move to a building on Henry Street, these issues need to be resolved internally among our building’s three principals.

Robin reports that there has been some progress. In particular, P94, which occupies the fifth floor, has indicated some flexibility in their use of space. Children’s Workshop School is revising its enrollment projection, so further meetings will be needed to determine exactly how to allocate space to meet their needs as well. It’s been agreed that all shared spaces (library, movement, art) will also be evaluated for more efficient use. The goal is a true 3-year plan, so that these problems don’t need to be revisited each year.

We’ll keep you updated as these meetings move forward.

Meeting Minutes November 2011

Official minutes from the November PA meeting are now available here.

Why are these minutes always a month late? Because each meeting’s minutes are not officially approved until the following month’s meeting. So these November minutes were only approved by the PA in December.