Reminder: Please take the 2018 NYS Parent Survey! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our Schools, Our Voices

The NYC School Surveys were handed out at Parent Teacher Conferences and we would like every family to participate. So far, only 5% of our families have completed the survey! We can do much better than that.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 23!

The information captured through the survey helps school leaders understand what key members of the school community say about the learning environment at each school. It also collects important information about a school’s ability to improve student achievement and can support a dialogue among all members of the school community about how to make the school a better place to learn. EVCS is committed to democratic processes in our school, and this is one of the most direct ways to get involved.

Let’s see if we can get every family to take the NYC School Survey.

You can fill out the paper survey and mail it in or use the link below for the online survey using the unique code found on the form in your green envelope.


You are in luck! you can click here to look up your survey access code or call the hotline at 1-877-819-2363.

To Take the 2017 NYC School Survey online, click below:

Parents & Guardian Survey

Take the 2018 NYC School Survey online, click here..
The survey is available in ten languages.

العربية | বাংলা | 中文 | English | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen | 한국어 | Русский | Español | اردو

Thanks very much for your support and involvement.

Math at EVCS

Dear EVCS Family,

Every day, within our walls and out in our community, our kids are learning to do so much! And whether your child is in Pre-K or in 5th grade – or anywhere in between – one thing they’re doing is exploring numbers and mathematical concepts each and every day. As adults, we work with math so often we often don’t even realize it: From paying the bills to modifying a recipe, from figuring out whether a new chair will fit in the room to figuring out the change at the deli, we all are mathematicians. So often I hear from parents, though, that they don’t understand how we are teaching math – that it’s not how they learned math as children. And it’s true! It’s certainly not how I learned math growing up, but our kids are thinking flexibly about numbers in ways high above what was expected of us years ago. The work is messier now than it once was – we value conceptual understanding of big ideas over computational fluency, and we prefer incorrect answers with high-level thinking over rote completion of an algorithm. You may not hear our teachers instructing students to “carry the one” – but it’s rich and meaningful work happening across our school.

Just today I visited one of our second grade classrooms. Students were working in pairs to solve addition and subtraction problems. These kids could talk about their mathematical thinking in such an impressive way. But their work didn’t look anything like how I learned to solve problems! I’d like to share these problems and solutions with you to highlight the sort of ways our kids are thinking about math and how it might not be the way you feel prepared to help support your kids. In a few days we’ll be having a workshop for parents and kids to talk about just that!

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Talking to children about trauma, tragedy and disturbing news

Dear families,

The links below are some resources for talking to children about trauma, tragedy and disturbing news. Of course, it is your decision about when and if to speak to your children about these types of subjects.

A suggested guide for helping you make these decisions is as follows:

If…Child/family/immediate community directly experiences the trauma/tragedy: Talk about it! Follow developmentally appropriate guidelines. Assure children of safety and care that’s in place. Follow up, stay on it.

If…Child is talking or asking questions about direct or indirect trauma/tragedy: Answer questions. Follow developmentally appropriate guidelines. Assure children of safety & care that’s in place. Follow up, stay on it.

If…No direct experience, child not aware: Take time to consider – age, development, temperament, personal history, cognitive ability, access to emotional support, emotional intelligence, other present stressors, etc. If deciding to expose, follow developmentally appropriate guidelines. Assure children of safety & care that’s in place. Follow up, stay on it.

Some helpful links:

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KEEP ON READING! (plus the link for online sponsors)

Reading-Olympics 1

Just a friendly reminder to keep on reading and logging and getting sponsors for the READING OLYMPICS! A great way to get sponsors is to email friends and relatives or post on social media. Here is the link you can send to people so they can sponsor your kids online:

Happy Reading!

Happy Reading,
Allison Gordon (mom of Elias- 4th grade)

EVCS Weekly March 12 – 16

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.09.00 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The First Battle of the District 1 Family Bands was last weekend and it was a great event! Our family band made us all proud! If you have photos or videos please share on EVCS FB and social media!

Next week is Parent Teacher Conferences. Please be sure to take time to review your Mid-Year reports that went home in backpacks Wednesday. Remember to sign-up to meet with your teachers. Teachers will be giving you a green envelope containing the parent survey. The envelope contains a form with a unique code required to complete the survey online, or you can complete the paper survey and mail it in. This anonymous survey let’s us know how we are doing, and we are striving for 100% completion. Let your voices be heard.

Let’s see what else is happening in March and beyond…

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Reading Olympics- in like a lion.

Reading-Olympics 1


It’s still a little cold out there and there is a storm on its way, but just think, after a month of reading and raising money for our school, the weather will be warming up and spring will be here! READING OLYMPICS 2018 has begun!

Materials should have been sent home yesterday- please take them out of your children’s backpacks, and put them in a safe, but visible place so you remember to read and get sponsors everyday!

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Happy Reading,
Allison Gordon (mom of Elias- 4th grade)

EVCS Weekly March 5 – 9

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hello March! It’s hard to believe we are here already! Please remember to sign up with you child’s teachers: Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in two weeks. Reports will be in backpacks on Wednesday!

March Menus

General PA Minutes (February 2018)
Previous Minutes may be found at

Join us for EVCS Weekend Events!

Saturday, March 3
Performance and Interactive Dance Workshop for Parents & Children
Hosted by Notes in Motion,
Click here, to review the flyer with more information.

Sunday, March 4
District 1 Battle of the Family Bands
Doors Open at 4:00 p.m. Bands Begin at 4:30
This event is a fundraiser, and any proceeds in excess of the basic operations cost for the venue will be distributed evenly between the PA/PTAs of all four schools participating. We hope to see you there!

The Bowery Ballroom 6 Delancey St, New York, NY
Get Tickets Here, at the door or ask me in the yard!

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General PA Meeting Re-cap from 2/14/18


Thank you to all the parents who came! Get comfy, here is a re-cap of most of the stuff we talked about…

The Battle of the District 1 Bands is ON!

Get your sitter lined up, ‘cause on March 4th at the New Time: 4:30-7:30PM EVCS’s Family Band will be going up against 3 other District 1 family Bands for the title, trophy and glory! The event will be held at Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey. Tickets $20. 21+. (Proceeds will be split between the participating band’s schools.) Buy Tickets here

The 3 School New Bottle Filling Water Fountain Project took a great leap forward.

On Tuesday of this week the three schools’ building wellness committee met with a CWS parent and former DEP deputy commissioner to discuss water and fountain options. He offered a great deal of insight and information about NYC water quality, talked about potential sources of lead in water and gave clarity to the filtered vs unfiltered discussion. It was a relief to learn that NYC continues to have some of the cleanest municipal water in the world (!) and that the risk of a child getting lead poisoning or even elevated lead in their system from drinking water from any NYC public building is basically nil. The committee agreed that we will adjust our objective and pursue getting unfiltered units installed. Since the DOE and DEP considered filtered units unnecessary and are actually against installing them in schools, our requisite for them was holding us up. Changing the type of station we are trying get here removes a big obstacle to getting them!

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