Gala FAQ

If everyone were to contribute one item or their time, attend the gala, bid on items, bring a guest to bid on items, and or buy a few raffle tickets, our auction could be a fruitful fundraiser and another fabulous success!

What is the Gala?

The best party ever! It is also a very important fundraising opportunity for our school – the PA raises 30% of the total funds needed at this one event.  The majority of the funds are raised from the silent auction.

Who should I ask for auction donations?

First, think if you can donate something yourself, next think about your close friends and family and finally think about your community.  A personal ask will always work best. Whenever possible try to ask face to face. However, an email can work too, particularly when you are asking a friend.

What types of items are you looking for?

We always have a full range of items, here are some examples but don’t be limited to these ideas – we are open to all sorts of items. Feel free to ask us about an item if you aren’t sure if it’s a good fit.

  • Food and wine – restaurant certificates, wine donations, specialty store certificates and baskets
  • Extraordinary experiences – theater tickets, tv show tapings, walk on parts, NYC sites
  • Body/mind – massages, yoga classes, personal trainers, acupuncture, therapy, energy work
  • Kid-focused – lessons, summer camp, birthday party spots, kid entertainers, birthday cakes
  • Beauty/fashion – skin products, designer clothes, jewelry, handbags, mani-pedi, hair treatments
  • Trips and rentals – hotels, country house stays, luggage, plane tickets, travel packages
  • Services – house cleaning, organizing, legal services, photography sessions, tech services
  • Other – original art, hand knit items, life coaching, cooking lessons, museum entrance…

What should I say when asking for an auction item?

  • EVCS, a public school in the East Village, is holding its annual fundraising Gala on April 28
  • New York City Public Schools are hurting for cash, we expect this will get worse in coming years
  • We are raising funds for programs outside of the core curriculum and specifically arts programs, class trips, and building upkeep.
  • your donation will go a long way towards supporting this wonderful and inclusive public school and the families will take notice of your donation so it is a win-win!

I have someone who wants to donate, now what?

Ask them to Fill out the donation form or hand them a paper form. download the printable form (PDF format) here

The donor asks for the PA tax ID. What is it?

The donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. The Parent Association Tax ID is # 34-2000781

What if I ask a local place that has already given?

That might happen and it’s ok.  If you want to double check, please email:

What if they say no?

Oh well, you can’t get anything without asking. Say thanks and move on.

What if a donor wants to do more?

We love this question, thanks for asking it!  If they are a food establishment we are looking for food and drink donations to the event.  Feel free to put them in touch with us, they can email:

What if I have a connection but am uncomfortable asking?

We will ask for you – just send an email to and we will take care of it.

Should I ask EVCS teachers and staff to host play dates?

No – we will be hitting them up and want to spare them from multiple asks.

When and where is the Gala?

April 28, 2018, From 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM at The Grand Hall of St. Mary’s Church at 440 Grand Street.

Can I invite friends and donors to the Gala?

Yes – everyone is invited!  Click here to RSVP.  We are hoping to really pack it this year so please spread the word!