Discussion about the current state of racial equity in education


Join Border Crossers and a renowned panel of racial justice experts as we discuss the current state of racial equity in education and  necessary steps to ensure racial  justice  in our schools.

Panelists include

Joe Brewster
Martha Haakmat

Ali Michael
Pedro Noguera
Howard C. Stevenson

“Creating Racially Equitable Schools” A Border Crossers Fundraiser and Panel Discusssion 

 Thursday, June 18, 2015

6:00-9:00 pm
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

 Networking reception will follow at 8:00 pm.

Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

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2nd Ave SMALL BIZ CRAWL Saturday, April 11th

#SaveNYC, is a grassroots, crowd-sourced, D.I.Y. movement to protect and preserve the diversity and uniqueness of the urban fabric in New York City.  As our vibrant streetscapes and neighborhoods are turned into bland, suburban-style shopping malls, filled with chain stores and glossy luxury retail, #SaveNYC is fighting for small businesses and cultural institutions to remain in place.

After a disaster like the Second Avenue explosion and fire, impacted small businesses struggle to survive. Some don’t make it. Especially the old favorites. #SaveNYC is holding a Small Biz Crawl along Second Avenue to bring customers, cash, and attention to those mom-and-pops in need.  This weekend, we’ll do the western side of Second Ave; next time, the eastern side.  Meet #SaveNYC on Saturday, April 11th, at noon.  We’re starting at Gem Spa on the northwest corner of Second Avenue and St. Mark’s Place. Buy your magazines, cigarettes, egg creams at this first stop.* From there, we’ll head down towards 7th Street.  Do some gift shopping at Himalayan Visions.  Then it’s lunch at the B&H Dairy or Paul’s Da Burger Joint. Your choice. After lunch, we’ll weave our way across the barricades of 7th Street to stock up on groceries at the New Yorkers Foodmarket.  Please bring your #SaveNYC sign to let everyone know who we are and why we’re there. Click here to print out signs — and to find out more about #SaveNYC

An Education Professor’s Opt-out Letter to Her Daughter’s Teacher

Dear Families,
I hope you’re enjoying your break! Some of you will remember Britt and Haven, who are former members of the EVCS community. Britt is also a professor at Columbia Teachers College and trained many of our beloved teachers at EVCS. I asked her permission to share this letter with our families because I found it incredibly moving and informative about the ways in which teaching and learning are being threatened by the growth of high-stakes testing. Please take the time to read it– these issues are critical to the future of education in our country.
Also, I recently went to a surprising talk by an Earth School parent who worked in the testing industry for 15 years and blows the whistle on all the ways the tests don’t measure what they are supposed to measure, are graded arbitrarily, sloppily, and incorrectly, and are basically a $2.7 billion scam. If you’re interested, you can watch the talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvnUqYAXK-4&feature=youtu.be.
All the best,

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Opting Out of Testing

Dear Families,

As you know if your child is in 3rd-5th grades, we are coming up on the weeks of school devoted to the State tests. If your child will be taking the tests, we wish you luck!

optWhile the PA has not, as a body, taken an official stance on this enormously complicated issue, we are deeply concerned about the implications of high-stakes testing and the ways in which it is reshaping more organic methods of learning and assessing both teachers and students across the country. Below is a letter from Jen Nessel, the chair of the Community Action Committee, on the movement to opt out of the tests and what to do if you want to opt your child out. This is a letter that represents a point of view but also tries to provide accurate information. Please read it!

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Join us THIS SATURDAY to #ProtectOurSchools!

Time is critical:  Governor Cuomo is threatening to withhold state funds for DOE – public schools and funded Afterschool programs in order to force through is policies of more charter schools and more threats to our teachers!
We have until April 1 – when the Governor and state Legislature must pass the budget-  to let them know that NYC public school parents do not agree with his priorities and tactics of punishing kids and teachers!
EVCS families, meet up across the street on the SW corner of Third Ave and 41st St at noon. We will gather there, then cross the street to join the demonstration in front of the governor’s office! If you come late, just find us!
Also, bring signs and noisemakers!

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Dear Parents,

Day after day, NYC is losing its small businesses. They are being priced out, chased out, and gentrified out of places where they’ve been for DECADES.  We are seeing it happen all over the EV and LES.  The unique cultural fabric of the city is being destroyed, replaced with bland national chains.  Right now there is a bill called the SMALL BUSINESS JOBS SURVIVAL ACT just sitting there waiting to be voted on.  This bill has been in the Council since 1984, was supposed to come up for a vote and Christine Quinn killed it and it had to be reintroduced this past June.

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Tompkins Square Middle School PTA and The Earth School PA Invite ALL

Screening of “RISE ABOVE THE MARK”
Thursday March 19 5:30-7pm Auditorium (600 E 6th St)

Hear why Earth School parent and author Todd Farley (Making the Grades: My Misadventures in the Standardized Testing Industry) won’t allow his kids to take the tests and doesn’t believe yours should either.
on Tuesday March 24 5:30-7pm Auditorium (600 E 6th St)

The Community Education Council District 1 Invites you to a Panel on Accountability, high Stakes Tests and the current status of Education Policies
Wednesday March 25 6:00-7:30pm PS 20

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EVCS Teachers Stand Together!

uftAs you may have heard, public school teachers across the city are standing together against Governor Cuomo’s recent education proposals. Please take the time to read this letter from the teachers below.

Dear EVCS Families,

As you may know, EVCS is under attack by Governor Cuomo. However, he is not targeting just EVCS. Every single teacher, parent, and student in New York State is in his crosshairs. We must fight back.

We recognize that our EVCS community is exceptional, and want to do everything we can to make sure it remains a great place to teach and learn. We believe these proposals are unjust, and will ultimately hurt our school. He not only asked for unjust changes in education, he threatened to withhold state funding if these changes are not agreed upon. Governor Cuomo is proposing a number of “reforms” that will damage our schools, our children and our livelihoods as teachers.

Some of his proposed “reforms” include:

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