A Note From the Head of AfterSchool

Welcome to Fall 2017-18. Registration will be held on MMCC’s system. You will be selecting either two 1-hour class sessions per child, per day OR one 2-hour class session per child, per day. Though we covered much of this at the two Parent Orientation meetings plus other PA and ASAC meetings – – we’ve updated the website thoroughly for your review and convenience. Please read through it in preparation for registering. Should take you 20 minutes or so. In preparation for registering and as you enroll check out our companion tools, the detailed description of classes and instructor bios as well as the weekly grid of AfterSchool classes.

2017-2018 Session Dates

Fall 2017-18 semester dates are 9/11/17- 2/15/2018
Spring 2018 semester dates are 2/26/2018 – 6/22/2018

The AfterSchool program follows the DOE calendar and NYC mandated closings. MMCC also follows NYC mandated closings.

*On half days, AfterSchool runs special programming from early dismissal at 11:30AM until 2:50PM at which point regular AfterSchool classes begin. As long as your child is enrolled in the AfterSchool program (any day) they can attend the 11:30 – 2:50 Bridge. Regular AfterSchool and AfterCare classes will be held after the Bridge, but only for students enrolled in AfterSchool & AfterCare on that day. Notice, payment and sign up for the half day is done separately and will go out shortly after our return from mid-winter break.

Course Portfolio and Brochure 

Please note this is Spring 2017 schedule and is subject to change

We’ve created two companion features for your convenience. Before and while enrolling, check out…

Detailed Course Description and Bios
Mini Calendar/Grid of Weekly AfterSchool Classes

 Registration Methods and Understanding the New Online Form

Registration is currently closed.

If you would like to register but do not have access to the internet/a PC or your phone is not working please…

  • Send an email to Ruth Moore at , cc’ing Camille Marlow ( Please write “Alternative EVCS Spring Registration” in the subject line, include the first and last name of your child/ren along with class choices and days. Also include the best telephone number at which to reach you. Space is limited so this is the best option since we can track when messages were sent. If for some reason you can not use email…
  • You may also call MMCC’s front desk and ask for Mariah at 718-882-4000 ext. 0 or contact MMCCs after school secretary, Ruth Moore at 718-882-4000, extension 207. They should be able to register you over the phone if need be. This is less ideal as it relies on reaching these parties during business hours and when they are available to address your request. MMCC is open and Mariah and Ruth should be able to address your registration needs Monday – Friday from 8:15AM – 4:30PM.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on Create an account. Enter the student information. Create your own password in web access password field.
  • After filling out the information, click on add this person.
  • If you would like to create another account for another child, you can do so by filling out the information for the second child and then click on add this person. If not, just click on continue.
  • A message will then appear letting you know, if you are done creating all family members.
  • Click on Continue (If you click on Join, the website will prompt you to choose what kind of membership you would like to pay for to join the Community Center. This is NOT NECESSARY)
  • You’ll be refered to Search Programs page
  • In the field, Select Category choose East Village Community School (No need to fill any other information such as Begin Date FROM, Description or Age)
  • Click on SEARCH
  • Then choose the programs you would like

Class Locale: All AfterSchool classes are located at East Village Community School. (Which is indicated on the online registration form by the abbreviation “EVCS” following “Mosholu Montefiore Comm Cen” in the Additional Location field.

How to choose daily classes: you have two options.

You will need to check grade eligibility for each child on the day of your choosing and then select either a ONE hour class + a different ONE hour class
You will need to check grade eligibility for each child on the day of your choosing and then select one TWO hour class.

Check out further details on daily schedule

The difference between the bracketed one-hour classes and the one-hour classes without brackets: There is none. It is just our internal way of tracking enrollment in these classes. Choose either one (as long as it is not closed out).

What does the “N/A” listed in the class time mean? Don’t worry about this either. These classes are still subject to the class schedule captured above and will, depending on the section run from 3:20 -4:20 or 4:30 – 5:30.

Can I choose which section and time my child/ren will attend? Not at this moment. However, we can revisit and discuss your concerns and preferences, pending enrollment, availability and a few other logistical factors as the semester gets going.

Courses Designed to Grade Level and Appropriate Duration

Grade Level:
Pre-K and Kindergarten students have their own separate AfterSchool class each day geared especially to the needs of our youngest participants. Pre-K/K courses run the duration of a two hour block which allows extra time for transitions along with intentional ‘downtime” but you are welcome to pick kids up early from their assigned venue. This is especially true for Pre-Ks who are exploring an extended day for the first time! We recommend that Pre-Ks enroll in these classes for the duration of the academic year. But if you have a Kindergartener wishing to opt out or a 1st grader wishing to opt in, please email and we’ll see what we can do!

Instructors and third party vendors partner with AfterSchool administration then design their curriculum and lesson plans around explicit grade ranges. The new online registration form will indicate the grade eligibility for each AfterSchool course. But we have always tried to accommodate our families whenever we can. This semester several of our classes are open to 1st – 5th graders. Due to the new structure, we are hoping to refine groupings based on grades, interest and skill levels.
further details here


Typical Daily Schedule

You’ve chosen two DIFFERENT 1-hour sessions You’ve chosen one 2-hour session
>>>Includes all Pre-K/K classes<<<
3:20 – 4:20 Initial one hour class 3:20 – 5:20 Two hour class
4:20 – 4:30 Water, bathroom, commute break
4:30 – 5:30 Final one hour class
5:30-5:35 Optional dismissal (in lobby) 5:25-5:30 Optional dismissal (in lobby)
5:35-5:55 Optional AfterCare (usually in lobby) 5:25-5:55 Optional AfterCare (usually in lobby)

Pre-K/K kids eat snack upstairs while older children not enrolled in study hall** (please see further details below) head to the cafeteria.

Classes begin at 3:20PM and end at 5:20PM (for two hour classes) or 5:30 (for one hour classes). Although instructors far prefer that kids stay for the duration of their classes, families may pick up their child at any point. Just check in with the security desk to view a directory of class locations. During the Spring semester we will make adjustments for those kids opting to sign up for Test Prep with the day school.

Finally parents will have the option of utilizing AfterCare till 5:55PM at no extra charge. Please do not be late! AfterSchool staff have their own kids and obligations to attend to and AfterSchool permits expire at  6PM, when the building usually closes.
further details on daily schedule

Classes and Pricing

Cost and Fees 

  • Monday classes cost $300.00
  • Tuesday classes cost $300.00
  • Wednesday classes cost $300.00
  • Thursday classes cost $300.00
  • Friday classes cost $300.00

Please look at each class description closely as many have a materials fee in addition to the class fee. We try to advertize these fees upfront whenever possible but sometimes instructors find that their supplies or material needs to support the class change after RFPs are submitted and registration occurs. Please be patient with us in the rare instance this occurs. Similarly, depending on kid’s interests and preferences instructors may make gentle requests for supply donations very occasionally or approach parents regarding a low cost ($5-10) activity or special event.

Payment: As in years past, we ask that payments be made in full the day of registration. If you are unable to pay in full, submit a $150 deposit. We can set up a payment plan which you can contribute to every month. If you are unable to pay the requested deposit, please alert Ruth Moore at 718-882-4000, extension 207. Also as in years past we will be staffing classes based purely on enrollment numbers to maintain healthy adult to participant ratios. As a result, we do not issue refunds, credits or offer pro-rating.

Discount: A 10% sibling discount will be applied.

Scholarships: It is still our goal to make AfterSchool accessible and affordable to our families. Accordingly, in addition to the full price listed above, families with additional financial needs may qualify for partial or full scholarships.  Please fill out the scholarship form and submit the accompanying documents requested on the second side. There will be a 48 to 72 hour turnaround time on all applications. Please submit forms by fax or email to our contact, MMCC’s Ruth Moore:

Fax 718-882-6369 / Email

Scholarship forms are available in the main office (room 205) or for download here

Health, Safety and Attendance

Attendance and Lateness: Please alert the assistant director at regarding any absences planned or unplanned, if you are picking up early or running late. You also need to update EVCS day school administrators and your child’s teacher as per their protocol. If your child is absent during day school, especially if s/he is sick, they can not attend AfterSchool. The only exception to this rule, at least for this current semester,*** is Pre-K/K non-attendance days during which kids can return to attend AfterSchool. We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $10 applied every ten minutes you are late.

***This policy is subject to change in future semesters.

Allergies: If your child is allergic to any foods or medications, be sure to tell us when you register.

Medication: The AfterSchool program is run by the PA and not by the school. There is no nurse on staff. If your child needs medication and is too young to administer it by themselves, you must provide an adult on site to do so. In addition, please provide the AfterSchool coordinator with any medical history information that may be helpful in best caring for your child.

Medical conditions and equipment: Bear in mind that the day school does not share information about your child with AfterSchool. So please inform AfterSchool about any and all medical and academic information that will help your child have a safe and rewarding AfterSchool experience. Be certain that medical equipment such as inhalers or EpiPens are easily accessible in the child’s backpack (an extra unit) since we can not rely on access to the Nurse’s Office nor the child’s homeroom after hours. Also inform AfterSchool administration and individual instructors to cover all bases. Please also include any insights regarding special needs or considerations for your child while they are in our care. Although we have limited resources and staff to, we will certainly make a capital effort to address and work with kids and families.

Snacks: For budgetary and licensing purposes, DOE or other snacks are not currently provided. Please pack snack for your child when he/she is staying for AfterSchool. Be sure to lean toward healthier options and avoid candy, soda, any peanut-based snacks and gum. Thank you.

For further information, check out our FAQ page


Appropriate Duration
We have been studying and consequently assigned class length (one v.s. two hours) based on direct & close observation by current administrative AfterSchool staff, MMCC observers [over months], based on Principal Bradley’s feedback as well as instructor suggestions and guidance.

Further details on Daily Schedule

2: 50 – 3:15 Staging and snack

  • Grades 1 – 5: cafeteria or classroom (if in 4th or 5th grades and enrolled in study hall Spring pilot**)
  • Pre-K/K: assigned classroom (usually on EVCS’ PreK/K hallway)

**Study hall: a limited number of slots will be made available for 4th and 5th grade students only shortly after the Spring semester gets started. A google form will be circulated for the aforementioned grades and kids will be supervised – but not tutored – for 25 to 30 minute blocks during snack time. This corresponds, to the minute, with EVCS current homework policy calling for homework to fall within the 30 minute mark each day. (This in addition to daily reading).


You’ve chosen two DIFFERENT 1-hour sessions You’ve chosen one 2-hour session
>>>Includes all Pre-K/K classes<<<
3:20 – 4:20 Initial one hour class 3:20 – 5:20 Two hour class
4:20 – 4:30 Water, bathroom, commute break
4:30 – 5:30 Final one hour class
5:30-5:35 Optional dismissal (in lobby) 5:25-5:30 Optional dismissal (in lobby)
5:35-5:55 Optional AfterCare (usually in lobby) 5:25-5:55 Optional AfterCare (usually in lobby)

Dismissal beginning 5:25 – 5:35

  • Grades 1 – 5: lobby
  • Pre-K/K: assigned classroom (usually on EVCS’ PreK/K hallway)



A multitude of gratitude to all of AfterSchool’s staff for maintaining “business as usual plus some” during this intense period of transition and absolute change. Certainly to Alex Ficarelli but especially Moses St. Bernard who really held things down during the seemingly endless series of meetings exploring new partners earlier this Fall along with commutes back and forth to the Boogie Down (Bronx) of late. Could not have done it without you gentlemen. Thank you to all PA and AfterSchool Advisory Committee members, officers, and other leaders for years of stewardship. I know you will remain a friend to this program. To Principal Bradley and the day school administrative staff as a whole as well as teachers for hosting us. Thank you for graciously remaining in our corner while serving the interests of our families and community at large. Parents we’re grateful to you for sticking with us. To Hagit Schwartz who always hooks the program up with tech and web support – even in a pinch. And finally a miniscule show of appreciation for former PA officer and now ‘civilian’ parent Jeremy Sherber who will be moving on this June along with his fifth grader – – for always being “there”, preternaturally so, for AfterSchool over the years.

Once more with great anticipation,