Does EVCS have a Cookbook?

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What Cookbook?

Does EVCS have their own cookbook?

Not yet.
But with your help by sending us a favorite family recipe, we will!


You are invited to share a recipe, your kids can share a recipe too!
We cannot publish a book without recipes!
Click here for more info.

The committee is sitting at their desks right now waiting to collect your recipes! We are hoping you will respond quickly and if you have questions, ask now because the Annual Multicultural Potluck is coming up very soon and we want to have the book for the event! Questions? Email us.

Do you have a recipe? Please send it in. Not epicurious or food network.
Your own or a family favorite!



New Deadline: Monday, January 8!

“Let’s get back to real food, real cooking, and spending real quality time with friends and families”

Thank you in advance for your support on this project!


Warmest dishes,
Your “Neighborhood” Cookbook Committee